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Dance Show – Spain

The Shadow Dancers perform a beautifully choreographed routine which tells a story. These performers are causing a stir all over the world and are becoming hugely popular. If want to book unique corporate entertainment that your guests will never forget we recommend booking The Shadow Dancers.

The show is made by human shadows which create and destroy other human shadows, shadows of objects, animals, views, and sculptures. This is the perfect show for corporate events and is one hundred percent adaptable. The performance can be designed to reinforce your brand image and communicate the message that you want associated with your product.

Standard Length of Performance:
The performance can be tailored to each client and can last from 5 – 30 minutes.

Available to perform: Spain

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A beautifully choreographed routine that tells a story

Hugely popular and have been causing a stir all over the world

These performers create shadows of objects, animals, views, and sculptures

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Here’s what The Shadow Dancers – Dance Show’s clients said:

”Our final client was so moved during The Shadow Dancers rehearsal that I could see him crying. The show was the highlight of the gala award ceremony. You are the best!”


The performance was perfectly suited for the event. The opening choreography represented the message that we wanted to say amazingly. The audience was stunned by the shadow figures that were representing the most emblematic buildings and events of their city.”

Acote Producciones

“Very moving! The shadows dancers work is amazing! I could not imagine that was possible to tell the story of our company that way!”


“The show is brilliant, much more impressive than we could expected! You have told the story of our company the way we wanted. Our CEO is beyond happy and pleased. He was clapping during all the performance. Thank you so much!“

Howdens Joinery

“You were amazing, thank you for the hard work and the ability to create a choreography in such a short time to tell the story we wanted. It was incredible seeing you create the piece.“



The Shadow Dancers – Dance Show’s Technical Specification:

The following is all included when booking the show: six dancers, one director, one techinician, rehearsals, props and a special projection screen, all of which is fully insured.


Stage or equivalent space with a minimum area of 8×6 m.
Minimum height 4.70m
Special proyection screen 6×4 m.
Trussing support structure for the frame of the screen. 4×6 m Interior measure.
15K XGA 0.8 Lens Projector VGA/ HDMI connection, 6m away from screen, 60-65 cm height.
4 Hours for set up and rehearsals at the venue.
The screen support structure and 2000W spotlight can be provided by The Shadow Dancers, but if the client would like to save on shipping costs, they can provide it themselves.


The Shadow Dancers – Dance Show’s Previous Clients:

Howdens Joinery
Acoté Producciones

Videos of The Shadow Dancers – Dance Show

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