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Unicycle Circus Performer

Sam G is a professional circus performer with a range of skills that will, literally, well not literally, blow your mind.

Starting off as just a unicyclist, Sam G quickly mastered that balancing act and after winning many awards in unicycling and becoming the National Champion he moved on to bigger and better things.

Sam G became a top ball juggler and won the Under-21 British Juggling Championships. And he started to combine the two skills, juggling and unicycling, creating brand new, unique tricks.

Now the natural progression was the tightwire. Sam G spent every waking moment of his misspent, friendless youth, learning to Unicycle Across a Tightwire Whilst Juggling Three Knives, a finale that will literally, yes literally, shock and amaze any audience.

Standard Length of Performance:
1 x 10/15 minute sets or shorter sets with mix and mingle.


Circus Maximus ‘search for the UK’s best circus act’ Overall Winner 2015
British Freestyle Unicycle Champion 2010-2014
British Under 21 Juggling Champion 2012
Silver Medalist at World Unicycle Championships 2012

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Will amaze any audience

A National champion

A professional circus performer

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Here’s what Sam G – Unicycle Circus Performer’s clients said:

Whoever is watching him, no matter who they are, or where they’re from, they are going to be amazed.
– Billy Wingrove, Football Freestyler

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