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Salut – Party & Function Band | UK

SALUT are the most energetic and explosive band in the UK. Fusing copious amounts of groove with funk, pop and party anthems to rock venues around the globe, with their undeniable showmanship, SALUT are more than just a band. If you want pop-stars to sing at any of your private events like Wedding Parties or Christmas Parties, and put on the best show you’ve ever seen – SALUT is the only option.

Born in London, SALUT is the amalgamation of London’s finest and most exciting musicians mixed with the freshest industry singers providing a show on a totally higher level. Each member of SALUT has been carefully handpicked to produce a show-band which has never yet been seen before.

At the crux of the band’s ethos is their showmanship. There are great players, singers and dancers scattered around the UK, however the finest of each category have rarely been assembled together. SALUT is the solution to the ever-occurring party dilemma – “will everyone have the time of their lives?” events left in their capable hands throws that question out the window. Fusing their superb musicality with the finest of showmanship, SALUT brings pop-stars to your party.

Photos of Salut