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Football Juggler

Rupert is one of a small international elite group able to juggle with five footballs.
This unique feat forms part of a specialist football oriented routine, consisting of high energy and a wide range of tricks performed with one, three, four, or five footballs.

There are also a number of audience participation and challenge opportunities available. Rupert can keep goal and juggle whilst a hopeful tries to score.

LED Ball Juggling:
Rupert also uses a very rare type of glow ball, which has red, green and blue LED bulbs inside. Like a TV screen it can make any colour you can think of! Each of them have a USB port and connected to a lap top it uses a unique program to produce colours that can change at any speed, from a slow fade to 100 times a second!

Olympic Ring Juggling:
Rupert will juggle with five rings. These can be changed during the juggle from bright pink to the Olympic colours.

Backcross Juggling:
Backcross juggling involves throwing balls from behind the back and catching them to the front and is probably the most difficult and beautiful type of throw for any juggler. Rupert is regarded as the best backcross juggler in the UK!

Repertoire Available Includes:
five footballs
five rings
four clubs
fire torches

All of which can be performed whilst on a ‘Rola Bola’ or walking a globe. Rupert is also able to spin balls. All of Rupert’s variety style costumes are especially designed to ensure a top presentation for the client!

Standard Length of Performance: 5 – 10 mins but can be padded out to 15 mins if he can have a radio mic and interact with the audience a bit more.

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Rupert is able to juggle up to five footballs

His performances are of the highest energy

Rupert also encourages audience participation

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