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These rain special effects can be altered to meet your requirements, whether you require a light shower or a dramatic deluge inside or outdoors. This team can alter flow and the size of the droplets by using different applicators. Alongside the rain effects there is also the rain curtain. A rain curtain is a line of falling water which can be enhanced with coloured light that reflects off each droplet of water making it a very eye catching feature. The opaque wall is a perfect way to create a barrier between rooms or partition an area within an open space. The rain curtain can be used as backdrops for displays, as screens or even as striking centrepieces.

Rain Effects
In most projects the difficulty arises in catching the water as opposed to making the rain. The team can build a tank to capture the falling water or provide grated decking which performers can stand on but allows the water to flow through into a tank below. Very large quantities of water are often required which we can store in 1000 litre IBC’s. The water can also be heated to eliminate the shock of cold water on an artist which would affect their performance.

Rain Curtain
A rain curtain is a very versatile product, it can be used in a variety of different ways, these include creating a striking entrance walkway into your event, an eye catching stage back drop or the rain curtain can be incorporated into an exhibition stand attracting great attention.

Other possibilities include:
– Aiding a dramatic reveal with a person or product appearing from behind
– A non permanent room divide between a reception and dinner area
– Creating a rain effect for a show or production
– Temporary back drop for a bar or reception
– This team are not able to project video or pictures onto our Rain Curtain, although there is a product which creates a much finer mist of water where this is possible.

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