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Oscar – Robot | UK

Oscar has the ability to reach, touch and engage with people like no other. He can transform an event from ordinary into extraordinary and one that will be remembered and talked about long afterwards. He can inform, entertain and educate in a world where gadgetry, apps and social tools are commonplace, yet can command and captivate an audience whenever and wherever he appears. Oscar is perfect for corporate events and science themed events.

If you’re looking for something to generate that ‘WOW‘ factor at your next exhibition stand, or perhaps something to help promote your company brand, its products or services at your next conference or seminar, then Oscar would be the most effective attraction you will find anywhere.

Oscar has worked for clients worldwide and has a wealth of experience at promotional and corporate events. He’ll not only entertain your guests and delegates but can maximize returns by boosting footfall, sales and leads, whilst at the same time often generating free TV and press coverage. He‘s equally at home at trade events, drawing crowds to stands than he is meeting & greeting guests at more formal events.

What makes Oscar unique and different from his peers is the ability to carry out real time and not pre-recorded conversations with visitors and guests. This interaction can be tailored to suit. In addition to this Oscar can be branded with a company’s name and logo creating a highly visible link between him and the client’s brand. Another resource that proves very popular with clients is the use of his inbuilt iPad to run websites or PowerPoint presentations.

He can shake hands with visitors and even play music as and when required. Hes able to distribute marketing and promotional material from his tray, often running stand competitions for clients whereby he hands out entry forms to visitors, many of whom stop to have their photograph taken next to him much in the same way theyd do with a celebrity.

Unlike many event attractions, Oscar can work for up to six hours daily with 2-3 short breaks to replace and replenish his batteries.

Standard Length of Performance:

Oscar performs for six hours maximum with short breaks.

Technical Requirements:

Oscar requires a flat surface but can work on grass if required. A power socket is required to recharge batteries externally when at events that last more than one day. When working at public events Oscar requires stewarding (a minder) whilst operational.


“We have used Oscar at our events for more than six years now and with great effect. He never fails to deliber and has proved to be the centre of attention at out exhibitions and a real crowd puller, he definitely adds value to our stand. Oscar always gives 100% and is a great addition to any team. His attention to detail and professionalism always show trough, a pleasure to work with.’”
– Babcock International Group

“Oscar is sensational! I would highly recommend him; he’ll make your event a memorable one.”
– Croydon Council

“He has always entertained our delegates with his friendly chat and sharp humour. Oscar really helps to create a fun atmosphere at out events.’”

Previous Clients Include:

Babcock International
British Science Association
Sellafield Ltd
Network Rail
BAE Systems
BA and National Grid

Photos of Oscar