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This stunning production is perfect for outdoor corporate entertainment. The performers and effects create a show that will amaze your guests. The Nomads is a show about an ethnic journey without borders. A unique adventure, a world that will move your senses. Drummers begin to roam, then a mysterious caravan lights up, guided by a shepherd’s torch. The show tells the story of an enchanting village that is growing under a beautiful full moon.

In the middle of the night’s mist, an amazing ballet takes place. The roofs are spinning during a strange ceremony full of fire and lights, following the rhythm of the shepherd’s dance, and the grace of the huge birds. Suddenly, the scene holds its breath while nymphs are flying away over the roofs, dancing in the air, rocked by the voices from the other side of the world. As the songs become more intense, the sky burns on fire in a wild and magical enchantment.

Technical Specification:
This act includes pyrotechnic dancers, aerial acrobats, live musicians and a large moon that is 3.70m in diameter which is inflated with helium. There will be 20 performers in the show, and 5 stage technicians. The spacing required will depend on the event and area, but the minimum size is 27m x 27m. They will need 4 x 1200 watts of power.

Standard Length of Performance:
The show is 25 minutes.

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Perfect for outdoor corporate entertainment

Guaranteed to amaze your guests

A show with an ethnic and unique adventure

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