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As a booking agent for Miles Hilton-Barber, booking Miles Hilton-Barber as a Motivational Speaker will inspire your audience. Miles Hilton-Barber is a British adventurer who, despite being blind, undertakes a variety of expeditions all around the world to raise awareness and money for blind people.

Miles Hilton-Barber grew up in Zimbabwe and had his heart set on adventures from a young age, aspiring to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a fighter pilot. However, after initially applying to join the Air Force at 18 years old he undertook an eyesight medical which he ultimately failed due to being diagnosed Reitinitis Pigmentosa, a genetic condition that would eventually lead to total blindness. Faced with this heart-breaking prospect, Miles Hilton-Barber was at an impasse but after his brother Geoff set a world record as the first blind person in history to travel across an ocean solo, he was inspired to start on a new path.

Since then, Miles Hilton-Barber trips have included climbing Mont Blanc, flying from London to Sydney in a micro-light, and running across the Gobi Desert. His incredible outlook on life and amazing adventures have made him an in-demand speaker who continuously proves a hit with audiences. Some of Miles Hilton-Barber’s fascinating experiences and challenges include cage diving with Great White Sharks off the coast of Cape Town South Africa, participating in an Austrian air display, co-piloting a historic 1932 vintage 3-engined Dornier air-sea rescue floatplane as well as a 2,200-kilometre voyage down the Yangtze River in China for the Daily Mail newspaper.

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