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The Manx Tourist Trophy (TT), the most exiting motorcycle races held on the Isle of Man, has a long history of over 88 years. This racing simulator represents the long tradition of these races. In Manx TT Twin, you will drive your machine at breathtaking speeds of over 200 Kilometers per hour.

Width:240 Depth:210 Height:157
Min. Door Width:72

4 player Unit
Width:480 Depth:210 Height:157
Min. Door Width:72

6 player Unit

Width:720 Depth:210 Height:157
Min. Door Width:72

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Exciting motorcycle races

Over 200 Kilometers per hour

Breathtaking speeds

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Here’s what Manx TT – Arcade Game’s Access said:

The game wheels on castors, we must be informed about any steps, stairs or lifts, short flights of stairs (1-10) can be negotiated with ramps. Longer flights are possible with a stair walker or with extra manpower. Games will go in most lifts however you must make us aware of lift dimensions. We can provide a drawing for you to fill in. The use of ramps and or extra manpower can incur a surcharge for delivery. These games are not designed for outdoor use, however they are suitable for marquees. We must be made aware if the games are to be moved on anything other than hard ground, we can provide boards to move them on soft ground.

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