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The amazing Lara Morgan can speak at your event! As a booking agent for Lara Morgan, we can arrange for Lara Morgan to appear as an after dinner speaker or Motivational speaker. Lara Morgan is a British entrepreneur and the founder and former CEO of Pacific Direct (a global brand licensing business). Lara covers topics such growth, export, leadership, sales, entrepreneurship, leadership and sales training, growth acceleration, exit strategy, sales culture and business performance.

Lara finished school at the age of 18 fully expecting to attend university. However, that same year her father was declared bankrupt. As a result, she found herself borrowing her first business clothes from a mate of her mothers and went for an interview. At 18 she taught herself the art of sales, and by 21 she was managing a Yellow Pages sales team in 6 countries in the Gulf.

In 1991, at the age of 23, Lara Morgan started her first business, Pacific Direct Ltd, which manufactured and sold brand licensed toiletries and amenities to the hotel industry. Seventeen years later, she sold her majority share (99%) in 2008 for the sum of £20 million.

Since then, Lara Morgan spends quality time with her husband and three lively daughters. Lara Morgan is now the Founder of, a source of practical advice and frameworks to enable businesses leaders to achieve accelerated growth.

Lara Morgan is seriously passionate about Leadership, Self and Employee Motivation (you might even remember her for celebrating achieving her first £1m profit by taking her staff on an all-expenses paid holiday to Barbados in 2005) and Business Growth, and Lara Morgan regularly talks about these and other specific topics based on her own experiences.

Uncomfortable is how Lara Morgan finds the following descriptions, but so often repeated she also feels very proud that she can have some impact on individuals whom take her as she is. Apparently, she has been described as real, unforgettable, inspiring, energising, straight talking, challenging and entertaining. She has never wanted to be anything except the best that she can be, including as a public speaker – but on this point she also doesn’t want to be run of the mill, nor is she willing to conform to boring vocabulary – and she doesn’t much like to stand still in anything.

Lara Morgan doesn’t profess to be all of those things but she does pride herself on her down-to-earth communication skills and her ability to sell. So when given the opportunity to share with a keen and willing audience in person, Lara Morgan is in her element and will work hard to be original, memorable and most of all as useful and factual as possible – to make the most impact, whilst reminding the audience everything she says is irrelevant unless people apply lessons she shares.

Lara only speaks from experience and with, she hopes humility and a palpable conviction and honesty about the mistakes she has made and the lessons she has learned. She is passionate about enterprise, continual improvement and maximising opportunities. As a powerful communicator Lara Morgan tries to leave an indelible impression, always with massive take-away, ready to apply and significant value in any engagement. Lara Morgan will tailor-make each speech for the audience, always with consideration for adding more value. As in her whole approach to life, she wholeheartedly believes you always get back more than you put in.

Lara has delivered talks in many formats, including after-dinner speeches, lunchtime salons, management off-sites, trade events, board briefings, motivational events and public seminars. Lara loves training groups of people and she still gets nervous and cares enormously about her impact for whichever audiences she is engaging with. Lara Morgan doesn’t just talk to people.

When time allows, Lara regularly waives her fee for educational organisations, business growth events, and as an ambassador for UKTI for Export she regularly gives her time and energy to get British business leaders to really think about the world being their oyster.

Contraband is the UK’s top booking agent, with affable, knowledgeable account managers who guarantee you the best deal possible. Contact us today if you would like to book Lara Morgan to be the headline of your event! We as your booking agent are more than happy to help you create the most memorable moments with Lara Morgan.

Lara Morgan – After Dinner Speaker & Motivational Speaker : Book for your event

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Book Lara Morgan – After Dinner Speaker & Motivational Speaker

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