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Lady Grey boast a troupe of highly skilled, classically trained dancers who epitomise grace, elegance and beauty. They can perform or choreograph a routine incorporating a multitude of modern dance and performance techniques. These girls are go-go dancers come showgirls. Lady Grey utilise exquisite choreography with a twist! Lady Grey can offer you anything from a west end show with full lighting and dazzling props, to the intimacy of good quality walk-around performers in stunning costumes, and just about everything in between.

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Here’s what Lady Grey – Dancing Troupe’s clients said:

“Lady Grey created a superb atmosphere from the moment the guest entered”.

Quiet Storm Advertising

“Lady Grey were without doubt the pièce de rèsistance of a Regency themed private fundraising party held at Sir John Soane’s Museum, for which they performed the most beautiful and eye catching version of ‘Lady Hamilton’s Attitudes’. Sophie choreographed the performance especially in order to make wonderful and exciting use of Soane’s 170 year old interiors and antique collection – not too dissimilar to the kind of setting Lady Hamilton would herself have been inspired by! Lady Grey not only did the Soane’s Museum proud – but they certainly did Lady Hamilton proud too!”

Sir John Soane’s Museum

“I felt that Lady Grey made what would have been a stagnant presentation become a truly spectacular and powerful affair. I can’t wait to see it back. The audience loved it as did the big man. It really did give us the edge over the others and certainly made for an interesting talking point afterwards. But then again it is time these stiffs were livened up a bit. I really enjoyed working with you and hope that when I am back on my feet again that I can use you again.”

The Apprentice


Lady Grey – Dancing Troupe’s Acts:

Show Girls

The glamorous Show Girls are suitable for a stage show or on a dance floor area this routine. The routine features high kicks, crosshatch footwork and other show girl wonders to a sassy brass blowout soundtrack. It also draws the comical comparison between Show Girls and Show Dogs as the ladies ‘jump through the hoop’ to entertain.

Length – 8 minutes

Silent Shuffle

From behind a drape appeared a flapper girl with a tall feather headdress, then another and another, until around the guests a fun filled Charleston takes place. Guests have their photographs taken with Lady Grey before proceeding to a champagne reception.
After the meal and before a guest appearance of Brian Ferry, the Ladies performed their silent shuffle routine. It’s the 20s! With gorgeous choreography utilising original 20s dance moves, this routine incorporates a touch of slapstick, loads of charm and a little acrobatics!

Length – 7 mins., mix and mingle 30 mins.

Tea Party

The Tea Party can occur as a spot of light entertainment at the end of a formal meal, or at a summer garden party. For the Hendricks annual croquet party, Lady Grey performed amongst the milling guests, an interesting afternoon diversion perfect with a gin and tonic before a game! The tea party progresses as they do a ‘bit of chair work’ and interpret tea drinking, cake eating, the Charleston and other such activities. With a slight altercation over some jam, and many luscious dance moves including the tipple pirouette, the cucumber sandwich wedge kick and a white ice stare, ensure the tea party ends a success.

Length – 7 mins.

Instruments of Light

The Ladies appear dressed in diaphanous and voluminous skirts of transparent organdie fabric, which they undulate to make beautiful shapes and patterns. The skirt dance utilises lighting effects to create a surreal and ephemeral experience.
Later in the evening, the ladies can become Erte sculptures placed around the space to create shapes with their amazing costumes.

Length – 3 mins.

Swan Lake

A beautiful spectacle can be created of Black Swans, pink tutus, sequined fish and a stunning aerial show, as Lady G Luck performs breathtaking lisse rope work whilst the swans dance and mimic her flight below. A pond backdrop can be projected behind them to transport your guests into a magical world.

Length – 12 mins.


Suitable for Asian Fusion, Egyptian, Persian or exotic themed parties. Silent statues are placed around the room, impassive and serene. They are draped in azure blue silk with elaborate beading at their neck and waists. They awaken to slide thorough the room, gather on the stage and commence an undulating and mesmerizing dance. A Goddess is then revealed among them, she is untwined and garbed in pure gold. She begins a fan (fire or feather) dance until interrupted by a very large satin snake that emerges from behind the troupe! The Lady Grey wrestle with the snake until the Goddess takes fire from his mouth and he is defeated.

Length -10 mins.

The Aloof

Inspired by Bob Fosse’s Sweet Charity, this super slick, sexy 60s routine features flicking wrists, sultry kicks, mini dresses and oh-so-long lashes framing aloof looks. Go-go dancing on podiums post performance is the ideal manner to finish!

Length – 3 mins.

Jungle Fever

A slinky dance for Tarzan, African or jungle themed parties. It’s a jungle out there and Lady Grey are the tigers. Slinking through the crowd they are Amazon aware and furry fabulous as they paw their way to their ivy stage. Watch out they might growl at you!

Length – from 3 mins.

The Ring Mistresses

A circus extravaganza! Hurdy Gurdy Music plays and from each corner pops a girl who prances and weaves through the audience in a cheeky, circussy manner. They are ring mistresses, showgirls and much much more. As they step onto stage one by one, a balance pyramid is formed. Two ladies break away into the splits whilst two create a ring with their arms. The two remaining are the lions or show ponies and leap through the ring in an alarming and exciting manner. The climax of this section comes with a menagerie of acrobatic poses such as handstands, backbends and suchlike.

Length – 7 mins.

The Birthday Party

Interactive performance is a wonderful gift. For a private birthday party, the ladies enter carrying five cakes smothered in candles. The guests sing happy birthday whilst the birthday boy blows out the candles and watches his birthday dance!


Masquerade and Venetian themed parties. Baroque Venetian ladies dance elegantly in squares, contained, elegant and very refined. Yet there is a little more that can be revealed behind those masks. Length – from

4 mins.

Flamenco Fantastic

A fabulous Spanish fusion, an infectious and exhilarating bonanza of swirling flamenco dresses and the infectious beat that will make your guests want to dance too.

Length – from 4 mins

18th Century Skirt Dance

Whimsical and light, this choreography is based on the skirt dances performed in the Regency and Victorian periods. The dances manipulate the voluminous skirts creating intricate shapes and patterns. Backlit, the audience can just make out the outline of their bodies through the fine cloth.
The Skirt Dance is approximately 5 minutes in length and requires a performance space of minimum 4 x 5 metres.

Lady Macaron

The Lady Greys demurely present the delicate rituals of 18th-century high fashion whilst celebrating the decadent history of the Macaron. Cutting a swathe through events or installed on a table or platform the dancers are garbed in large, corseted pastel gowns based on the opulent costumes of the French Court under Marie Antoinette. The audience will quickly discover that the costume is constructed from many miniature macarons that they can select and eat. In this playful promenade performance the delight of macaron is celebrated in an entirely different and interactive way. Lady Macaron is theatre of elaborate costume and dance with French etiquette in all its intriguing and sensuous magnificence.

Quadrille Dance

Lady Grey will take you back to the 17th century with their elegant dance moves and stunning costumes. They are more than happy to teach your guests 17th century dancing at your event.


Lady Grey – Dancing Troupe’s Previous Clients:

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Friday Night Projects
BBC Imagine Series
Brit Awards
Discovery Channel
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Louis Vuitton
Benefit Cosmetics
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Amnesty International
Goldman Sachs
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British and American Tobacco
Dunhill International
Royal Opera House
British Film Institute
Kensington Palace
National Army Museum
O2 Arena
Grosvenor House Hotel
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