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Justin Hughes | Keynote Speaker- Military | UK

Justin Hughes

Justin Hughes is a former Red Arrow and RAF fighter pilot who has been in the premier formation aerobatic team having deployments all over the world and facing high-risk situations, all of which make him a tremendous motivational speaker, especially on inspiration and teamwork. Justin Hughes is available to book for a variety of corporate events.

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Justin Hughes is a former Red Arrow and RAF fighter pilot, who delivers insightful, riveting and inspiring motivational speeches at corporate events all over the world.

Justin obtained a degree in physics and subsequently joined the Royal Air Force at the age of 18. He began flying the Tornado F3, the RAF’s front-line air defence fighter aircraft, and was selected for the Red Arrows performing over 250 displays worldwide. During his time with the Red Arrows, Justin was the Deputy Team Leader and Executive Officer, after an array of successful international deployments including UN peacekeeping operations.

Justin is an experience speaker with a wealth of knowledge in delivering results in an environment where failure is not an option, and mistakes cost lives. He has the ability to motivate and entertain any audience. Through a powerful blend of dramatic in-cockpit video footage, interactive group exercises and real-life case studies, Justin creates a high-impact event which is guaranteed to inform, engage and inspire.

Speaking Topics
Justin Hughes speaks to audiences of 10 to 1,000 and with an array of optional props including fighter pilots, covers topics such as motivations, teamwork and the armed forces.

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