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Jungle Run – Bouncy Castles & Soft Play | UK

Go on safari to wrestle with inflatable lions, tigers and bears, scramble through the tubes and up the rope ladder to safety before tumbling down the slide.

Activity runs are a great idea for your party and come in a wide variety of themes. This jungle design is perfect for themed parties, with a slide on the end to finish the 35-foot long x 12-foot wide activity run. They are ideal for gardens of an average size, but must have a side way for access. (Please note they do not fit through the front door). Suitable for all age groups from 3years-13 years old and are the next step up from a bouncy castle.

This unit will hold up to 15 children at any one time, this has no cover and will need a side entrance 3 x feet / 1 metre wide from front to back for access.

35x12x13 feet
10.7x7.3x4.0 metres

Photos of Jungle Run

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