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This is a ‘Jack the Ripper’ themed magic and illusion show. The infamous horror icon appears one stormy night to take three new victims. Jack slits one victim’s throat, cuts another one in half, and as a finale he burns his third victim in a smoky thunder-cracking finish.

It’s a cinematic act performed to dramatic music that effectively blends illusions, horror and suspense into an unforgettable five-person show.

Standard Length of Performance:
9 minute Show.

Technical Requirements:

Minimum free stage space required: 9 metres wide by 6 metres deep

Client to provide Sound system and operator, lighting and operator. Sound system must include 1-2 monitor speakers on stage.

Extras: Additional scenery such as smoke machine, mini lamp posts.

Act provides: Five performers, Torture bed, bedside table, hat stand, sawing in half cabinet, cremation cabinet, period costumes.

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Unforgettable five-person show

Deliciously dark

Blends illusions, horror and suspense

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Here’s what Jack The Ripper’s clients said:

It was a super performance! I thought it was a great addition to our horrific night.
(Lyceum media)

Deliciously dark show guaranteed to scare and entertain
Corporate booking


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