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Book House Of The Dead 3

Arcade Game

With the House Of The Dead 3 Arcade Game there is terrifying creepiness afoot as twenty years have passed since “The Curien Mansion Incident” and the mad scientist’s inhumane experiments have continued – but the doctor himself is long dead! In The House of the Dead III you will embark on a chilling journey into the loathsome pit of malevolence, an industrial depot lost amid swirling desert sands.

Here you will witness the horror first hand as you go in search of a team of missing AMS agents who raided the depot two weeks prior to your assignment. A festival of gore awaits you, so grab your shotgun and head into the depths of an apocalyptic nightmare, the likes of which you have never seen!

House Of The Dead 3 Arcade Game: Technical Requirements | Book for your event

Witness the horror first hand

Terrifying creepiness

Step into an apocalyptic nightmare

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Here's what House Of The Dead 3 Arcade Game 's Technical Specification :

Width: 78cm

Depth: 150cm

Height: 198cm

Power: 500

Min. Door Width: 78cm.

Book House Of The Dead 3 Arcade Game

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