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Terrify and amaze your guests with the Puppet Master and his pet Harlequins! This deranged ringmaster towers high above the crowd, leading strange and otherworldly creatures in his wake. His pet Harlequins twist and twine around each other in an endless kaleidoscope of patterns, contorted limbs, and eerie porcelain faces, venturing out from his shadow to enchant your guests with their inhuman movement and flexibility.

Mixing interactive character walkabout with fear psychology, the Harlequins and their keeper were developed using psychology and neuroscience to play on instinctive human fear response, so you can be sure that they will fill your event with screams and laughter! With their stunningly detailed and intricately hand-painted costumes, the Puppet Master and his Harlequins will help you to create the dark and scary atmosphere you want, while still maintaining elegance, sophistication and a high-quality ambience.

Please note that the Puppet Master & Harlequins are a dark/scare act that play on the psychology and neuroscience of fear, and as such are not suitable for children under 12.

Harlequins & Puppet Master – Interactive Walkabout : Testimonials | Book for your event

Perform inhuman physical theatre, wearing impressive costumes

Their performances guarantee screams and laughter all night

A walkabout act with a dark and sophisticated theme

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Here’s what Puppet Master & Harlequins – Interactive Walkabout’s clients said:

To specifically mention the harlequins and four-stilt walker that we hired for the ‘Nightmare’ area of our event, they were invaluable in both setting the atmosphere we were looking for and in people’s participation / interaction – guests were genuinely terrified of them (which is what we were going for) and were massively impressed with their performance and costumes.
Trinity Hall College, University of Cambridge, UK

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