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The Harlequins are exquisitely costumed, couture nightmares providing Interactive Walkabout Entertainment for those wanting to keep their dark theme elegant and sophisticated. The Harlequins guarantee screams and laughter all night, as the guests at your corporate events, parties, balls or weddings come up close and personal with inhuman Harlequin Acrobats and their pets, huge alien creatures, “The Nightmares.”

The Harlequins are acrobats in intricately hand-painted and weathered catsuits, performing inhuman physical theatre as otherworldly, Siamese characters.

Interspersed between interacting with guests, they twist and twine around each other, making convoluted shapes that draw from acrobalance and acro dance. This results in a sinuous knot of limbs, which combined with the highly patterned catsuits makes it hard to see where one Harlequin ends and the next begins.

Standard Length of Performance:
3 x 30 minute walkabout sets

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Perform inhuman physical theatre

Guarantees screams and laughter all night

Wear impressive costumes

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Here’s what Harlequins’s clients said:

To specifically mention the harlequins and four-stilt walker that we hired for the ‘Nightmare’ area of our event, they were invaluable in both setting the atmosphere we were looking for and in people’s participation / interaction – guests were genuinely terrified of them (which is what we were going for) and were massively impressed with their performance and costumes.
Trinity Hall College, University of Cambridge, UK

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