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Booking Gorgon City will have everyone on the dancefloor at your special event! We are a booking agent for Gorgon City, and can arrange for them to DJ at your events. Gorgon City comprise Kye “Foamo” Gibbon and Matt “RackNRuin” Robson-Scott who are an English electronic music production duo / DJs. Growing up in very conventional settings – Kye in the commuter town of High Wycombe, a few miles beyond the M25, and Matt in North London, neither had a particularly musical background and neither had a strong musical passion at first, going through the things most 90’s schoolboys would discover.

As a kid, Matt had a “punk era” consisting of Nirvana and the Chilli Peppers, but was saved from a life of indie-dom by falling for the moody East Coast hip hop of Mobb Deep, Wu Tang Clan in his early teens. Kye’s tastes were more diffuse, browsing through whatever was on offer, also with a leaning towards hip hop… until he discovered jungle.

It was a One Nation rave tape pack for Kye given to him by a schoolmate: the sound in its rawest form, mixed by DJs, hollered over by MCs, full of the atmosphere of furious raves. This, of course, is a long time before the sound of the jungle era became fetishised by collectors, so he was able to pick up classic cuts for way less than the tens or even hundreds of pounds they can now fetch on Discogs.

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