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Booking Gary Numan will cause a storm at your special event! We are a booking agent for Gary Numan, and book Gary Numan to perform for your guests. Gary Numan is a cult hero of British music, whose influence can be felt across a diverse range of modern artists. Gary Numan has never been a musician to rest, and over the past decade alone has released 4 critically acclaimed albums, perfecting his original and unique take on heavy electronic rock and drawing on performances alongside such diverse modern acts as Nine Inch Nails and Little Boots.

Gary Numan has never been on firm, ‘authentic’ ground as a songwriter. Whereas the likes of Oasis slot into a classic pop/rock lineage, Gary Webb (he took on the Numan stage name just in time for his debut Tubeway Army album) was not a fan of ’50s or ’60s music. As a child the flash of The Shadows’ guitars catching the spotlight on a TV show excited his imagination, but the sounds didn’t make much of an impression.

In the early 1970s he latched on to David Bowie (circa Ziggy Stardust), Marc Bolan and to a lesser extent Lou Reed, Roxy Music and Mott The Hoople. Once again it was the ‘flash’ of glam rock that was attractive but more subtly the freakish personas and individualistic music of these artists struck a chord with this softly-spoken introvert. He’d been writing short stories since the age of four and as he took his material more seriously, he started to flesh out his lyrics with ideas inspired by science fiction magazines and authors such as Philip K Dick and William Burroughs. The surreal scene setting, bizarre characters and futuristic themes of these novels offered oblique, otherwordly locations for him to express his own feelings which he would sing with all the introspective frailties of a sci-fi Morrissey. These qualities were already in evidence in the pop-punk of early Tubeway Army, who signed to Beggars Banquet Records in 1977.

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