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Erika is a performance sand artist who has made a mark on world class stages with her unique brand of smooth flowing, silk-like sand painting accompanied by light-hearted yet enchanting singing. Erika is fascinated with the way imaginative images are formed and then immediately altered and destroyed using sand – an art form that is proactive yet appealing and stimulating to the human mind compared to more traditional static visuals.

Sand artist Erika dedicates to each of her art creations and stage performance by thoroughly comprehending her clients’ visions and objectives; thereafter she delivers to the audience an experience that’s soothing, moving and memorable by combining her unique visions of human mind, extraordinarily creative imagination, and endless enthusiasm of exploring visual arts. Not to mention her elegant and strong presence on stage and gracious dance-like movements while painting further sets her apart as an all-rounded performing artist. Erika is set to become an acclaimed sand artist sitting amongst the other great painters of our time.

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Made a mark on world class stages with silk like sand painting

Imaginative Images are formed and altered using sand

Breath-taking shows illustrate a story on a projected screen

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Here’s what Erika – Sand Artists’ clients said:

“Sand painter Erika takes artistry to another level with her gift for imagery.”

Brian Scott Lipton, TheatreMania (for Cirque du Soleil performance)

“A more meditative feature, and a real showstopper, is artist Erika, who works from a glass table above a video camera so that the audience sees a projection of her swift hands creating ever-evolving portraits and scenes out of blue sand. Her time on stage is serenely captivating.”

Michael Dale,’s first Chief Theatre Critic (for Cirque du Soleil performance)

“The most exquisite single moment in the evening is the sand painting done by Erika at the top of Act II, revealed to us by an overhead camera. Her work is bold, yet fragile at the same time and it causes the same awe that the various acrobats do.”

Richard Ouzounian, Theatre Critic (for Cirque du Soleil performance)

“In addition, the rich cultural landscape painted by the truly talented and imaginative fine artist, Erika, gave the media event a whole new perspective through rich visual metaphors and allusions to the clipper watches. From mystical drawings of the eye to the sun, to vast landscape resembling those of Nobel Laureate Gao Xingjian’s works, to a rose, to a man in the moon, to clouds and flames, to wings, to doves transforming themselves instantly into sad expressions on an Indian princess, to hair flowing from the princess’s head, to phoenix, to a woman sitting by the sea, the list goes on. The vast imagination embodied by the fine artist reflects what art can do regardless of materials used (she used plain black sand, by the way).”

Richard Chua (for Hermes Clipper Watch South East Asia Launch Event)


Erika – Sand Artists’ Previous Clients:

APEC CEO Summit (2009)
Shanghai Expo (2010)
RADO (2010)
HERMES (2010)
Blackberry (2010)
Volkswagen (2010)
Siemens (2010)
Toshiba (2010)
IBM (2010)
SAP (2010)
National University of Singapore (2010)
Cirque du Soleil (2011 – 2012)
Olympic Committee (2012)
Alabama China Partnership (2012)
Haute Horlogerie (2013)

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