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Erika is one of the most sought after aerialist in the world. Her unique aerial water act is one of a kind, and one that would amaze any audience, at any event. Erika’s beautiful and elegant moves have been dazzling audiences all over the world. If you are looking for a truly unique and stunning aerial act, Divina is the perfect choice.


Staged on the aerial straps, Erika’s beauty, passion and technical perfection combine to lift us into her blissful emotional sphere. Subtle angles, artistic freezes, creative transitions, posture, pose and gesture all combine to build, for a time, a world in which sensuality, vulnerability, pride, pleading, courage, hope, desolation and more shimmer before our eyes, up there in the air. The water and lighting effects add a breathtaking climax.

Acts Available:

Technical Specification:

They will arrange a site visit to ensure these conditions are met and liase with event planners and venue in advance.


Free height – between 5 and 9m
Free aerial space – min 4m diameter
Stage dimension – min 2m diameter

Rigging points:

2 ceiling rigging points with min 500kg loading will be required.
1 floor anchor point with min 1000kg loading will be required.
They supply 2 members of rigging staff – one travels with artist.

Water curtain:

The performer works with the client from the event planning stage as the rain bar and hoses need to be rigged prior to lighting, and the fallen water is held below the stage in a tank that will need to be designed along with stage design. They will install a water holding tank that the performer assistants fill up with a fire hose or similar. Distance from water tank to rain bar not to exceed 70m, and any vertical rise within this to be less than 10m. A 32amp supply will be needed at location of water holding tank, to power pumping and heating system.

The system needs to be installed at least 12 hours prior to first rehearsal to ensure water is heated to artists required operating temperature.
NB: The water curtain effect is not obligatory.

Standard Length of Performance:

The performance time for this act is 6 minutes.
Dance On Hands

Her elegant silhouette captivates her audience. Her intelligently crafted, flawless technique astounds, then the Physical Poetry she weaves eloquently emerges. Poised on thin canes, the artist commands impossible strength, control and precision, hypnotizing her audience. Vulnerability, power and integrity inter-mingle in magical wonder. Dance on Hands is a fine fusion between hand balancing, contortion and dance.

Technical Specification:

Erika will need 3.3m height and 4 x 4m stage space. The stage must be perfectly straight and level.

Standard Length of Performance:

The performance time for this act is 7.5 minutes.

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One of the most sought after aerialist in the world

A truly unique and stunning aerial act which would amaze any audience

Has dazzled audiences worldwide with her beautiful and elegant moves

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Here’s what Erika – Hand Balancer clients said:

”Tonight, at the sea front terrace of Quintessentially, Win Win Azimut, we witnessed a spectacular defiance of gravity by Erika, leaving an audience full of sceptics, lost for words, no second takes, no special effects, just a pure human body.”

Pure TV, Italy

”Perfection personified!”

Dubai Gulf News


Erika – Hand Balancer’s Previous Clients:

National Geographic
Royal Albert Hall
Blue Crest Capital
Petra Ecclestone
Tamara Ecclestone
Kate Winslet
Dubai Gulf News
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