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Ghanaian Pop-Up Restaurant

Chop bar is not just a ‘pop-up’ Ghanaian restaurant – it’s a food event: creating a look and feel from its Ghanaian roots that merges with a contemporary dining experience. Home spun, home cooked food. Always fun, always relaxed and always tasty. The Ghanaian Pop-Up Restaurant is great for any occasion or event such as corporate events, private parties, fun days, festivals, parades, theme parks and carnivals.

Born from creating a Ghanaian ‘pop-up’ restaurant in her workspace in Hackney Wick in the summer of 2011 as part of Hackney Wicked Arts Festival, this Ghanaian Kitchen has grown with popular demand and continues to bring Ghanaian culture to an ever-wider audience through food.

The Chop Bar can also provide cookery classes, cater for large events, private dining and parties and install their Ghanaian ‘pop-up’ kitchen across the UK.

Ghanaian Pop-Up Restaurant- Chop Bar : Videos | Book for your event

Create a look and feel from its Ghanaian roots

Fun, relaxed and always tasty

Great for any occasion

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Videos of Ghanaian Pop-Up Restaurant – Chop Bar

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