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Chloe Crowhurst – Love Island Reality TV Star | UK

Our Chloe is a blonde, bubbly and bonkers Essex girl – confessing that all her pals know her as ‘Crazy Chlo’! She’s sick of meeting the same old pigs in Essex (her words…not ours) and says they usually end up having ten girlfriends! So it’s time to dust off the bikini and hope her dream man is waiting pool-side at the villa…. She says if she were a cocktail, she would be a Strawberry Daiquiri – sweet and cold. Describing herself as “kinky, energetic and open minded” in the bedroom, it sounds like our Chlo is down for a good time in the villa. Her number one celeb crush is David Beckham. She swoons that from the body to the tattoos, he’s got it all going on – so let’s hope for a Becks-lookalike to make her dreams come true.

Photos of Chloe Crowhurst