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Immersive Speakeasy Show

CB Speakeasy’ is a fully immersive prohibition era experience. We can take any venue and transform it into the hustle and bustle of 1920’s downtown Chicago. Think dancing, think Jazz, think swing, think cocktails, and even your very own gangster mob to act out your prohibition fantasy. This is a great show if you are looking for corporate entertainment for a 1920’s themed event or private party.

Imagine Bugsy Malone but at your event, with everything from full blown shootouts to unannounced police raids. We have a venue that will keep your audience energised from start to finish.

Entire Venue Package – Walkthrough
You arrive at a classic British telephone box, guarded by two sharply dressed doormen. You try to enter, but one steps in your way. In a heavy Chicago accent, he says, ‘Hey buddy, this is a private party… are you a friend of Charlie Brown?’ – You respond by reassuring him you’re a close friend of Charlie’s, and he lets you proceed. Entering into a short narrow tunnel, clad with red velvet and the smell of bourbon in the air, the dim, smokey light of the casino surrounds you, red and black velvet assures you that this is a speakeasy with class and style. Without a moment’s hesitation the man himself comes to greet you, with your coat taken care of and a drink in your hand you carry on. To your left the blackjack tables in full swing, to your right a line of beautifully dressed dancing girls, seducing you with their best moves from upon the bar, a variety of prohibition classics being passed between their legs.

As you walk forward the roulette stops you in your tracks, Rosie Two Shoes hits the jack-pot again, throwing her arms in the air. Then suddenly you catch a shimmer in the distance, the music stops, the lights go out… As the spotlight glows, Sparkles Galores impresses with burlesque and sexy shapes by the dozen. Then, unannounced two masked men run in and a full blown shoot out ensues, reminding you that danger still lurks rife in the downtown streets. But rest assured that you’re in safe hands with Charlie’s mob, and this will be a night to remember..

Gang / Walkabout Option
Invite our gang of raucous gangsters to perform any number of unannounced raids on your event, dinner or party, whether it’s a full blown shootout or we’ve come to sniff out a rat in your company – they’ll be sure to add a funny, exciting and unexpected twist!

Espionage Team – Sideshow (can be booked alongside full show)
An exciting and mysterious addition to any event – become a member of a 1920’s espionage team!
Set-up in a small office in the back room, the lighting is low and the sound of muffled jazz can be heard in the distance. Charlie Brown and Tony Gambino are putting their trust in you to go out into the party and carry out their dirty work. Whether it’s kidnapping the mole for information or passing on some key information about the location of an important briefcase, the powers in your hands to make or break a criminal underworld that’s just asking for trouble!

Costumes Available:
All performers dressed in traditional 1920’s flapper dresses and gowns and men in bespoke suits contemporary to the era.

Standard Length of Performance:
Varies depending on event and what is asked for by the client.

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Keeps your audience energised

Transforms into 1920’s downtown Chicago

Funny, exciting & and an unexpected twist

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Here’s what Immersive Speakeasy Show – CB Speakeasy’s clients said:

They were an incredible addition to the evening and added a fantastic twist that took everyone by surprise!
Little Mouse Productions

They were fantastic in supporting us across both events so please accept thanks from all of us at Alcon for a job well done.
Alcon UK


Immersive Speakeasy Show – CB Speakeasy’s Previous Clients:

Little Mouse Productions
Motion Group Pictures
Zu Studios
Future Cinema
Secret Productions
Rose Theatre, Kingston
Boomtown Fair
Squiggles and Wiggles 

Video of Immersive Speakeasy Show – CB Speakeasy

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