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Indie Pop Singer

Book Tor Miller for a sensational event, his spellbinding vocals will be sure to charm the crowds. As a booking agent for Tor Miller we can arrange for him to get your celebration in full swing with his energetic and exciting tracks.

The Long Drive
Tor Miller first found his passion for music blossoming during his long drives to school, where his mum would entertain him with albums by iconic 70’s singers such as David Bowie and Elton John. The vibrant and dynamic nature of the songs went on to influence a lot of his own songwriting where he now combines lively instrumentals with a variation of lyrical tales about love, longing and loneliness. Tor Miller wrote his first song at around ten years old, exploring the musical world in a more creative way as opposed to more structured style he encountered at school. His love for music truly ignited he went on to form a high school band, writing music and singing before he joined New York University, all the while holding on to the desire to embark on a fully-fledged music career.

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