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Danish Pop Singer

We are a booking agent for MØ and can book MØ to put on a showstopping performance at your event. Danish singer and songwriter MØ is an award-winning musician who has collaborated with the likes of Justin Bieber on “Coldwater” and Charli XCX on “If It’s Over”.

Childhood Influences
Born and raised in Denmark, MØ was first inspired to get into music at seven years old when she started listening to the global girl group The Spice Girls. Over time she found a variety of influences, turning to the punk genre and becoming a fan of bands such as Nirvana, Sonic Youth and Smashing Pumpkins. MØ’s first foray intro creating her own music was in 2006 when she released a number of tracks such as ‘The Rarities’ and ‘Polly Get Your Gun’ under the title of The Edmunds. However, it was when she joined her friend Josefine to create duo MOR that things started to pick up speed. The pair released a couple of EPs taking their first step into the industry.

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