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Comedy Circus Show – Canada & International

The Beaux Duo are a dynamic and appealing act. Their charisma and talent has been praised through North America, Europe, Asia, and Latin America.

Beaux Duo’s training at the National Circus School in Montréal and the Circus School of Québec have elevated their performance technique to an international calibre, and has also contributed to their versatility in circus arts and the style and energy that they bring to the stage.

That’s why they can be found performing everywhere from the circus tent, the cabaret stage, festivals, street shows, or in contemporary circus companies. Notably, the Beaux Duo have performed with Cirque du Soleil, Cirque Éloize, and the 7 doigts de la main.

Standard length of Performance:

All acts last between 4 and 7 minutes

The Beaux Duo are available to perform: Canada & International

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Dynamic and appealing

Versatility in circus arts

Bring style and energy to the stage

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Here’s what Beaux Duo – Comedy Circus Show’s clients said:

“amazing dexterity, artistry – and downright bravery – they perform a wacky dance all the while keeping their modesty under wraps”

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Beaux Duo – Comedy Circus Show ‘s Acts:

Towel act: It is at the moment of their arrival on stage that these two fools realize the absurdity of their idea. To come on stage dressed only in a towel which they are forced to manipulate in all directions to avoid revealing their masculine parcel. This is a number that leaves no one in the dark, where the game is clear and the excitement is shared between the audience and the artists. Premeditated surprises bring about entertaining challenges, and the characters always find creative ways to get out of them.

Juggling act with comedy “BOF”: Despite their delay, two hideous and dangerous fools present their number. Directly out of an inbred world, their perception of beauty is erroneous. So it is without embarrassment that they exhibit their feat. “…bof” uses the world of comics to constantly surprise the audience. Due to their “gadget bench” and their many juggling clubs, they even surprise themselves. You will see that there is only one step between the sublime and the absurd.

Brio juggling act: Two dynamic characters bring a breathtaking juggling routine of international caliber alive in this act. Be transported to a mesmerizing world by two young, charismatic men. Clubs fly through the sky and pass from hand to hand to the tempo of an energetic piece of music, which results in an entertaining and bewildering juggling act.

Artistic Bike act – Gentleman: This is a performance inspired by the era of the 40’s, reinvigorated by a fresh young acrobat and his bicycle. For this number, the “Gentleman” brings the banal objects of his daily routine to life. His cane, his hat, and his bicycle dance together to a contemporary swing rhythm. High level prowess and a contagious freshness illuminate this number.

Unicycling – El Tango : A talented unicyclist finds that his beautiful assistant has gone missing. His only choice? Replace her with his brother in law. Once hired, his brother in law wants all the attention that he can get to prove he was the right man for the job. Upstaged somewhat, the unicyclist has to prove himself, and is willing to climb to dizzying heights to do it.


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