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The Alice in Wonderland Circus Show is a fantastical, high energy circus show ideal for a family audience or as corporate entertainment. The Alice in Wonderland Circus Show combines all of your favourite characters from the much loved Lewis Carroll classic. The show is set to an upbeat musical score and weaves these magical characters in a theatrical way with beautiful dance choreography and world class circus performance, creating a breath-taking production.

Alice in Wonderland Circus Show opens in the Queen of Hearts’ Garden and is set against a stunning backdrop. The White Rabbit enters the stage and is late, and he is looking for something that he can’t find! Alice wanders onto the stage following the White Rabbit. Then the Mad Hatter, the March Hare and the sleepy Dormouse enter and start setting up their tea party, under the watchful gaze of the Cheshire Cat.

The Cheshire Cat appears and disappears high above the audience’s heads. The cat then performs a stunning aerial routine on flying silks connecting the ground and air with incredible aerial acrobatics, interacting with Alice who is watching the cat’s every move.

The Rabbit enters the stage in a flurry looking for his clock, which he finds at the top of a rope. The clocks alarm rings and the rabbit falls down the rope in fright. He then tries desperately to get the guests at the tea party into an orderly line for the arrival of the Queen.

The crazy Mad Hatter and March Hare under the direction of the Queen set up a colourful and chaotic tea party, and Alice and the Queen sit down for afternoon tea. The Rabbit presents the biggest and most delicious cake to the Queen, only to discover it has been stolen. After a frantic search they discover that the March Hare has stolen it and is sitting above them eating it!

The Queen demands to have it back and a vertical aerial chase ensues between the March Hare and Rabbit; a vertical comedy cake fight on an aerial rope. Finally the Rabbit gets the cake and gleefully presents it again to the Queen. The Mad Hatter tries to carry on with his favourite occupation, drinking tea.

Then Alice and the Mad Hatter try to calm the fight between the Rabbit and March Hare by starting a vertical comedy tea party, only to discover the tea pot has been stolen and there is no tea. The wily Cheshire Cat had stolen the tea pot whilst no one was looking.

Finally the tea pot is found, suspended 8 metres up in the air. The March Hare dances up the rope to it and proceeds to pour tea down to all the guest below, who are performing a magnificent tea dance. The Queen summons her Playing Card Army who tumble on to the stage creating playing card towers that move from one amazing shape to another with high energy acrobatics and dance, creating a mesmerising and highly skilled performance. The comedy tea party continues and the Dormouse is woken by Alice with a large chunk of cheese.

Alice and the Mouse perform a beautiful duet combining dance, acrobatics and amazing hand balancing. Alice takes to the air and performs a spectacular aerial routine on a flying magical hoop. This leads into a high energy dance routine with all off the cast, as they take to the stage for the finale bows; a stunning and unique circus spectacular.

There is also the option of performing Meet and Greet with Incandescence’s comedy stilted flamingos and playing cards. We also offer the option of using our unique Playing Card Band which can perform live music for the show. They can also be used to perform in an interactive parade.

Standard Length of Performance:
The Alice in Wonderland Circus Show lasts for 45 minutes.

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High energy circus show

Beautiful dance choreography

Creating a breath-taking production

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