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Alex – Mind Reader | UK

Alex served for 15 years in the Metropolitan Police in London and then left to pursue his wild dreams of performing for a living. After years of studying body language, NLP, Psychology and with a healthy dose of intuition and many other techniques, Alex is now regarded as one of the top mind readers in the UK and whether performing walkabout or in a cabaret setting, you can be sure that this will be the talking point of your event! Regardless of where he is performing, the focus is always on the people he is entertaining.

Imagine their surprise when he names their child and the time it was born, details of when and where they met their partner, what they were doing at the time and their first impressions of each other! Being able to tell truth from lies, duplicate unseen drawings and knowing exactly what they are thinking at any given time are just some of the amazing things that Alex is able to do with no prior knowledge of the guests, and this, along with his easy going, professional, confident demeanour ensures that he is constantly in demand.

At first, Alex spent his time performing standard forms of magic, and although he reached a very high standard (an associate of the Inner Magic Circle with Silver Star) he soon became dissatisfied with its restrictions.
Just about this time Alex noticed that his intuition was becoming more refined… strange things would happen – the phone would ring and he would be able to tell who it was before picking it up, the thoughts of others started appearing in his mind and occasionally small things would move, apparently of their own volition. Alex, it seemed, was developing his psychic side! ‘Why not combine these new found psychic abilities with the magic skills already developed?’ he thought.
And so Alex the psychic entertainer was born.

Acts Available Include:

Walkabout, Mind Reading and ‘Weird Stuff’

Ideal for private parties and corporate events. An intimate style of performance, Alex will astound your guests by reaching into the innermost parts of their minds and revealing their thoughts, getting them to experience weird sensations and performing other bizarre stuff. Alex is often asked if he could do a tarot reading, and, we are pleased to announce that he has now developed a system of one card readings, specifically designed for walkaround entertainment which fits in very well with the mindreading and “weird stuff” which he also does. They are quick, fun readings where everyone gets a short glimpse into the future and are proving very popular. As far as we are aware, he is the only person in the UK to offer this combination of mindreading, weird stuff and fortune telling, so you are able to offer your clients something totally unique for their events.


Alex has two large screens and projectors that he brings with him if the audience numbers over 120. This enables everyone to get a good view of the action via a live camera feed. As an added bonus, he is able to start the show with a video introduction and incorporate a slideshow in one part which increases the audience involvement and finish off with a video exit.
Smaller groups of 80 and above would also benefit from the video feed using two 3x4 screens which are portable and look very nice.
Suitable for all sizes from 50 to 2000, Alex will perform a 30, 40 or 60 minute set with maximum audience participation in a scary, at times funny, and bewildering rollercoaster ride of the senses! Towards the end of the show, Alex will put his safety at stake as he performs his thrilling and dangerous version of Russian Roulette.

Alex has another cabaret show which also lasts for 45 minutes. Some of the highlights include:

1. A version of Celebrity Big Brother where audience members get to evict the celebrities in a demonstration of the power of persuasion and the media.

2. Five women have their fantasies revealed in a fun demonstration of mindreading – all in the best possible taste.

3. The psychic link between a couple is tested to the extreme and in a thrilling finale he puts his safety at risk in a routine he calls “Deathtrap”!

As usual, no hypnotism is used in the show and no one is embarrassed or offended. Alex uses about 20 people in the show, so there is a great deal of audience participation.

Dark Parlour

The ‘Dark Parlour’ is a complete theatrical set-up that Alex has devised for corporate events. One of the uses for it would be where he is situated in the bar/reception area with a few chairs in front of the table. Then, during the evening, clients would come to the table, sit down and be entertained with close-up weirdness. Spooky music, lighting, the smell of incense and weird props all go together to provide great atmosphere and the ultimate conditions to witness this unique style of magic.

The Jack the Ripper Experience

The Jack the Ripper Experience is the ideal show for an intimate dinner party. With such an unusual theme and loads of audience participation, this is something your guests will be talking about for a long time!

The show has several parts, played around the meal including: Warm up exercises to get the “psychic juices” flowing and some “Jack the Ripper” themed routines in between starter and main course. A glass moving session in between main and dessert to see if we can speak to Jack or any of his victims. Finally, after coffee, the lights are switched off and the participants hold hands and begin the séance and ask that immortal question “Is there anybody there!” Everything in the show is based on what you would see at an actual Victorian Séance.

The experience lasts about 2 hours and normally fits around dinner with a 45 minute session either at the beginning or between starter and main (this could be split into two 20 minute sessions), a 20 minute session next and then the 20 minute “séance” to finish – or it can be done all in one show, but it would last about 1 hour 15 minutes to 1 and a half hours. The experience is suitable for small groups.


“Mind Matters”

Mind Matters is a communication skills workshop using body language, NLP and subliminal persuasion techniques.

The 90 minute interactive and fun workshop includes sections on:

Body Language
How to know what someone else is thinking and how to influence them using subliminal persuasion

Presentation Skills
How to keep an audience interested and focussed on what you are saying, as well as everything you need to know about NLP in 15 minutes!

Memory Skills
Ever forget someones name or who they work for? With these powerful techniques you will be able to dispense with notes when making a presentation and be able to remember a persons name even when you havent seen them for over a year!

The workshop is a great way for anyone to improve their communication skills for sales, presentations or client relations. All attendees are given a comprehensive handbook at the end of the course.

Challenge Mindreading:

The idea is that Alex performs four mindreading feats. He duplicates an unseen drawing, reveals a thought of word, determine which one of five people are lying and performs a version of russian roulette. Then the challenge is on, the group are broken up into four teams and each are tasked with finding a way of performing a simplified version of my feats. Each group is given a variety of items which could give them at least three ways of performing the tasks. Alex is on hand to give advice and tips as needed and after an hour or so each group is invited on stage to perform their mindreading feat.

This great team building and training exercise develops:

Team work
Brainstorming skills
Lateral thinking
Presentation skills
in a fun and engaging way!


”Step aside Derren Brown, David Blaine get back in your box, because Alexs show alone is enough to blow your mind!”
– Herald Express

“Oh bloody hell!”
– This Morning

”I don’t believe it!”
– This Morning

“Our conference was a great success, made so by the excellent entertainment that you offered our delegates.”
– Private Client

“I wanted the ‘wow’ factor at our party and you certainly gave us that!”
– Viacom Outdoor

– Footballers Wives

“The best pre-dinner entertainment I have ever seen!”
– CGI Group

“Its extremely difficult to find an act that will render our jaded and cynical audience speechless, but you certainly managed to stun the crowds into submission – a high accolade indeed!”
– Investec

“I thought I would take the opportunity to feedback on Alex and Neith who performed at our Christmas event last evening. I was incredibly impressed with both acts who arrived promptly and impressed the audience very much. Please pass on our thanks to both performers for their professionalism and creativity.”
– Fusion Insurance

”Just wanted to say everyone loved Alex, he was fantastic, very professional and witty.
– Private Client

“Alex was extremely helpful with every requirement we had. Alexs rat routine was spot on for our audience, I had numerous remarks from the kids after the show asking me how he did it.”
– CBBC The Slammer

“Alex was brill. Not only was he really flexible to our needs (the sun came out so he did not need to do the morning show), but the reaction to his performance during the meal was fantastic. I have not seen so many jaws hit the floor in one go before. He really shocked his volunteer with the Russian roulette, she was convinced he was just about to severely wound himself, and was actually shaking. He never saw that behind the blindfold, but naturally, as a mindreader, he knew that anyway!”
– Private Client

“It was a wonderful evening in spite of the rain. All the acts were great. Alex was a big hit and very impressive. Everybody said he was amazing and it was a refreshing change from the usual magician…..All round top marks to your acts for helping to make it such a fun and memorable evening.”
– Global Strategy Limited (via Contraband)

Previous Clients Include:

Lord Ashcroft
The Times
Emap Active
Gold Group
Visit London
Madame Tussauds
Vauxhall Motors
Royal Bank of Scotland
BNP Paribas
Cisco Systems

Photos of Alex