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The Adjarian State has been in formation for nearly one hundred years and with Mr. Koridze’s new and uniquely styled works entirely revamping their repertoire, they offer some of the most exciting dances to be seen and enticing music to be heard, from this country or region. Plus, the majority of our dancers can also act, play instruments and sing quite proficiently and many of our musicians can sing at quite a professional level.

This company is quickly becoming one of the most elite groups in the world, possessing the greatest technical skill. They offer not only an incredible new repertoire which includes movements an acrobat would fear to attempt; but, they also have a new program dedicated to the history of Georgia. The story is told via continuous dance, music and song with intermittent stage narration performed by a very talented young actor; the duration is an hour and a half.

Standard Length of Performance:

From 15 minutes to two hours. The historical program in particular is currently of an hour and a half duration, but, can easily be extended.

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Exciting dances

Enticing music

Uniquely styled works

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Here’s what 8th Wonder of the World – Dance Show’s clients said:

“Most outstanding choreographic ensemble with terrifying feats we have yet been treated to.”

Private Client

“I have never before seen such physically able dancers in my life. How could they perform such high level dances, nonstop?! Amazing!”

Private Client

“The most unique composition we have ever seen – nothing like it. This group, with their unique ability, is not to be missed.”

Private Client

“Incredible, nonstop, stunning movement and beautiful women to compliment the stage and storytelling.”

Private Client

“This was the highest calibre of Georgian performance I have yet had the honour to witness. This group should travel the world and share their culture with everyone.”

Private Client


8th Wonder of the World – Dance Show’s Previous Clients:

Council of International Relations of Paris
Stuttgart and Dusseldorf
Cultural Council of Turkey

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