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With the Spring season breaking the skies above us I am one happier Easter bunny as a result which makes it a lot easier to start some fresh thinking of event entertainment ideas!

Working at a corporate entertainment agency means we’re all on it with what’s coming ahead in the year of corporate entertainment and we make sure we have event entertainment ideas already brewing in anticipation – and so here I am writing this blog to help you get hype up some of those vibes and aware of what’s occurring this month and how we can cater your corporate event entertainment or inspire you to get out there and see what event entertainment there is going on out there.

April 1st: April Fools Day starts the month of April showers by celebrating tricksters and pranksters – the sort of people we work with on a daily basis with our masters of sleight of hand card trickery, a couple of dodgy bouncers and mischievous jesters who we constantly book for event and parties to make the perfect prank on unsuspecting guests.

London Coffee Festival starts on the 4th running to the 10th keeping London buzzing with providing extra anxious energy to be burnt up in and around the city. I’m thinking of taking some of that energy down to The Roundhouse who is showcasing some of the most amazing modern circus acts out there at the moment as well as an exhibition of photography by Ben Hopper of contortionists and circus performers. I’m particularly intrigued by the Insect Circus show myself.

Shakespeare’s birthday is the 23rd April – making it 400 years since the great bard was born. His legacy is impressive and rich and is still inspiring entertainment ideas and event ideas centuries later. One of the newest additions to our roster are these beautiful steampunk influenced Midsummer Night Dreams troupe of faeires – gorgeous to adorn your corporate event by flying around performing aerial acrobatics. If you need some event entertainment ideas for your upcoming Shakespeare themed corporate event then take a look at our inspirational boards here and here or give us a shout and we can throw some ideas back at you!
And so we started the month with fools so we might as well finish it with them too…It’s the London Marathon on 24th April! The London streets once again will be rammed with runners, cheerers and well-wishers and although I can’t personally understand the feat I have utmost respect for those who do and nothing is better than when London has got a buzz in the air. We’re wishing everyone in training all the best in the last few weeks leading up to the big day!

So happy April everybody – summer is starting!!