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Titan the Robot is one of the most sought after acts currently operating in the world and Cyberstein Robots Ltd, the company behind Titan have not rested since Titan’s inception; Cyberstein owner Nik Fielding said,

“Since Titan was launched in 2004 we have constantly moved our company forward, reinvesting in Titan, the show, the supporting infrastructure and our ever increasing crew who we look upon like family.”

A lot of Titan’s success is down to his hysterically funny show.

“The core to Titan’s success is our show and we still spend an incredible amount of time on this aspect of our business, it is constantly evolving and keeping up with modern trends, the aim is year on year to keep the Titan show fresh and new.”


Titan’s show can also be adapted for a variety of events, one day he’s fantastic family entertainment and the next he will be meeting corporate clients at a high-end function.
“Titan fits in at any kind of event and we often work very closely with clients to produce bespoke scripts and dialogue and even have Titan speaking in foreign languages, everyday throws up a different challenge in our office”
Titan’s success has led him to work in over 30 countries worldwide, with many huge stars including Rihanna,, Heidi Klum, Will Smith and to appear at some very prestigious events including the Abu Dhabi F1 Grand Prix and The Sochi Winter Olympics.
“I can’t get over how far Titan has travelled recently, to so many diverse countries and cultures and as far away as Australia. Titan has even done tours of South Africa and Romania! We still perform the majority of our shows here in the UK, this is Titan’s home and his show reflects this, with very traditional British humour.”