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Megumi – Japanese Calligraphy Artist

The beauty and simplicity of Japanese calligraphy is a true eye-catcher. An ideal corporate gift for your clients to receive is a handcrafted bookmarker with their name written on it in Japanese characters (kanji). Megumi is able to translate a name and using a black brush-tip pen, write it onto a white/gold speckled card bookmarker which is adorned with a short length of golden ribbon (the colour gold representing royalty, strength and wealth) and a red kanji stamp of her name (which means blessing). The meaning of the client’s name is written onto the back of the bookmarker. For example, the name James means, nurturing a dream of prosperity.

Place markers need not be the same tired old white card. Why not make something truly unique that will be a lasting souvenir for the family or guests. Or commemorate an anniversary, birthday or wedding with a sentiment that you invent and Megumi will deliver a unique gift from Japan. Calligraphy is an extremely clean and self-contained presentation, therefore making it ideal for any sort of occasion. Besides calligraphy, Megumi is a highly qualified silhouette artist, designer and illustrator. She has designed for a wide range of purposes from advertisements, displays, exhibitions, and promotional videos.

Standard Length of Performance:

The standard length of performance is 3-4 hours.


”It went really well thank you! I’ve had nothing but positive feedback about the entertainers so thank you so much for your help with this. ”
- Film London

Megumi is a Japanese calligraphy artist in Sussex, perfect for wedding entertainment, private parties, university entertainment, exhibition stand entertainment, themed party entertainment, workshop entertainment, conference entertainment, PR stunt entertainment.

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