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Stylish Venues for Hire

Looking for a special venue to hire? We offer some of the best venues for hire and we also specialise in venue styling and event theming. With our creativity we can make your event setting very special.

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Venues for Hire

Looking to a hire a venue? We can definitely help you with that. Whether you need a venue for a wedding, engagement party, Christmas party, exhibition or conference- we have global access to some of the best, most exclusive and functional venues. From high-rises to basement bars we have some great venues for hire that can cater to your needs and ensure your party will be a success.

There are a number of factors that go into picking the right venue to hire for your event, and to help you get started down the right path we have thought of a few top tips and event hire ideas that will give you an effective insight into the world of venue hire.

Top Tips When Booking a Venue
So, what do you need to consider when you pick your venue? A venue can be essential to throwing a good party which means there is usually a lot of pressure on the person finding the perfect venue, but not to worry, we have some fantastic venue hire ideas to assist you with making the right choice.

  1. Guests – How many people are there? It’s best to know how many people are coming so you pick the right sized venue, for example for a large crowd you want a big open plan venue so everyone has some space and it doesn’t feel claustrophobic.
  2. Type – What type of party is it? Is it lively and loud with people dancing all night or is it a family affair with dinner? You will need to ensure there are the right features for each type, like a dancefloor or a large table to fit everyone round if necessary.
  3. Location – An all important aspect; you need to make sure it is in an accessible place for everyone, you wouldn’t want people turning you down because it’s too far away or hard to reach.
  4. Cost – It might seem obvious but before you get excited about a place you will need to check your budget and see if you have enough for other factors like entertainment or food, or alternatively if you have saved on those things you can splurge a bit on the venue! A good venue will often have an attractive interior anyway so it will help you save on décor.
  5. Theme – Do you have a theme in mind? You can book a venue that fits in with your theme, like a basement bar with dim lighting for a Halloween party or an upscale high-rise space if you’re looking to have a glitz and glam aesthetic for your party.

We have so many venue hire ideas that will make your party brilliant. Whatever the occasion you will be sure to find somewhere perfect for your party, whether it’s large or small scale, private or corporate; we can help you find the right place to celebrate. Just get in touch if you need any advice on event venue hire.

Why Hire an Event Venue?
Maybe you are wondering what the benefits of hiring a venue are, as opposed to maybe a party at home or a private place. There are many perks to event venue hire that can actually save you in the long run and prove to be a wise decision when you consider aspects like time and money. Here are a few advantages to take into account…

  • Equipment: Most venues will be fully equipped with audio and visual technology which is beneficial if you are looking to have a band or a performance as your entertainment.
  • Cleaning: You won’t have to worry about cleaning up after the event, a professional venue will have this taken care of and allow you to sit back and relax after an exciting night.
  • Catering: Perhaps you are looking to have a sit down dinner? Many venues will have a catering option and utilities available to serve the food.

Overall, it can be a big weight off your shoulders if you book a venue for your celebrations as they can be a valuable resource when organising other aspects of the party. We have lots of venue hire ideas to offer you the right venue that will suit your event and other requirements, just give us a call!

Other Party Entertainment
Alongside event hire ideas we also have some amazing entertainment ideas and entertainers for hire covering a range of parties including; engagement parties, bar & bat mitzvah parties and stag do parties. Plus we have brilliant party entertainment so you can really make it a day to remember, with acts such as; exciting food & drink stands, awe-inspiring magicians, enthusiastic music bands, fabulous acrobats and some fascinating mix & mingle entertainment. For the complete list of performers for hire, check out our extensive entertainment roster

We are one of the UK’s top entertainment agencies; with friendly, knowledgeable account managers who guarantee you excellent event hire ideas, some unique entertainers for hire, and the best deals possible. We are booking agents for a huge selection of entertainment to hire, and we can recommend the best venues to stage your event and ensure it is a hit with all your guests.

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