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Victorian Food Cart – Food Entertainment | UK

The Victorian Style Food Cart comes complete with staff and unlimited supplies of your favourite fairground treats, candy floss and popcorn, but can be used for any and all other foods you wish to try, including doughnuts! Victorian Food Cart is 3m x 2m. Choose two of either Horse Chesnutes, Mulled Wine or Marshmallows (the hot options) and then Popcorn, Candy Floss or Toffee Apples! If access to your venue is too small for the food cart, we are able to offer you one of the lighter and smaller victorian stalls to serve candy floss and popcorn from. You can still get an authentic feeling food stall that will add a joyful atmosphere to your event! Stalls available include the one pictured to the right.


”Yesterday was great. And the guys were all great too! - I had some lovely popcorn about midnight.”
- Capitol Productions

"The event went really well thank you, and the stall and candy girls went down really well. They were friendly and moved through our very busy areas very smoothly. Everyone got more than enough to eat :)"
- Apple (via Contraband)

Photos of Victorian food courts