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Union Jack Jaguar- British Car for Hire | UK

The styling of the Unionjag is based on the stunning XK8. This luxury convertible was inspired by Jaguar’s famous old XK-E (E-Type) sports car of the 1960s. The XK8 has curvacious,stunning lines.penned by Geoff Lawson. This classic supercar has the performance to back up its looks.

Some Stats on the Jaguar XK8

3,996 cc 4 litres V 8 front longitudinal engine with 86 mm bore, 86 mm stroke, 10.8 compression ratio, light alloy block, light alloy head, double overhead cam and four valves per cylinder
Power: 216 kW , 290 HP @ 6,100 rpm; 290 ft lb , 393 Nm @ 4,250 rpm
Wishbone front suspension independent with stabilizer bar and coil springs, wishbone rear suspension independent with coil springs

Luxurious Interior: Jeremy Clarkson, during a Top Gear test-drive, likened the interior of the XK8 to sitting inside Blenheim Palace. Well Union Jag can’t offer a palace but can provide one of the most comfortable rides you will find in a car of this generation

Best of British: As you’d expect from the ‘best of British’, virtually every creature comfort you can think of is included. Leather trim, automatic climate control, a trip computer, alloy wheels, power roof and a superb stereo system are all incorporated.

Photos of Union Jack Jaguar