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An ice cream parlour isn’t the usual place for sparks to fly, but when Tommy dropped his girl off for her last shift on the scoops, his musical life changed forever. He knew he’d met kindred spirits in Annie-Grace and Holly-Belle (The Belles) when he saw them snapping their fingers and harmonising to soul 45s on the Wurlitzer over milkshakes and sundaes.

It was only a matter of time before they found the perfect back line to their new choreographed harmonies in The Tones – a bunch of garage grease monkeys who tinkered with cars at Franks Hot Rods.. The music has been coming thick and fast ever since.

By mixing Tommy’s quirky vocal power, with the Belles beautiful harmonies and the rhythm and soul of The Tones the band provide an energetic, spellbinding, slick-as-grease show that rolls, thunders, roars and soars. Watch out! It’s spreading like wildfire from Memphis to Manchester…

Tommy and the Belles are a unique collaboration of some of the finest and most respected session musicians on the UK scene. With their passion for the original classic R ’n’ B, Rock ’n’ Roll and Soul acts from the 60’s and 70’s which exuded such amazing energy and love of modern Pop and Rock hits from artists such as Katy Perry, Kings of Leon, A-HA, Amy Winehouse Tommy and the Belles have fused together the best elements of both eras to create a new, exciting and truly original sound!!

Tommy and the Belles is not just a band it’s a whole experience, a complete choreographed show.

Standard Length of Performance:
The band plays 1 x 90 minute set.

Our Artist Spotlight feature is where we focus on one of our performers, giving you the chance to find out more about the people behind the performances, and offering an insight into the world of entertainment bookings. Here’s our Artist Spotlight on Tommy & The Belles – Party Band:

We’ve decided to interview Tommy & The Belles – our lively Party & Function Band – because Sofia and Lauren (our most recent girls in the office) went to their concert at The Arts Club in Mayfair two weeks ago.

1. How & why did you start out in the entertainmentand performing industry?

Tommy – “When I dropped my girl off for her last shift on the scoops, after working another 12 hour day at Franks Garage as a desk clerk my musical life changed forever!! I knew I’d met kindred spirits in Annie-Grace and Holly-Belle(THE BELLES)when I saw them snapping their fingers and harmonising to soul 45s on the Wurlitzer while making milkshakes and sundaes in the local ice cream parlour. It was only a matter of time before we found the perfect back line to their new choreographed harmonies in THE TONES – a bunch of garage grease monkees who tinkered with cars at Franks Hot Rod Garage. The music has been coming thick and fast ever since. With a mix of my quirky vocal power beautiful harmonies and the rhythm and soul of The Tones we as a band provide an energetic, spellbinding, slick-as-grease show that rolls, thunders, roars and soars”.

Holly Belle – “Yeah we thought who’s this skinny geek staring at us while we worked but he turned out ok, especially when we heard him sing”.

Annie Grace – “He had such a nice bow tie and lovely shoes”

2. What training and / or qualifications did you have to achieve to get into your line of work? Official or otherwise!

Tommy – “As a young boy I studied the Kazoo with a MacKintosh Clansman in the remote village of Durness in scotland. I spent months mastering the way of the Kazoo. At the end of my apprenticeship he gave me a piece of paper with just the words ‘not bad Jimmy, could do better’ on it. Does that count?”
Noodles – “No you didn’t”
Tommy – “I did!”
Bam Bam – “We all thought you were volunteering in an orphanage overseas”
Tommy – “Oh. Yeah, I was learning the kazoo”
Mr Tees – “I passed my grade 7 trumpet”
Woody – “You said you couldn’t get past grade three!?”
The Flying Greek – “I got my pilots licence!!”

3. What is your favourite thing about performing/ workingin the events industry?
Tommy – “Just making people happy with our music. That simple”
Bam Bam – “You said it was because you were skint!!!”
Annie Grace – “It has to be because I get to dress up and were my best shoes”
Holly Belle – “I get to practise my karate moves on the band while on stage”

4. What advice would you give to somebody who wanted to get into your line of work?

Bam Bam – “Read the contract!!”
Tommy – “Learn the Kazoo, it’s opened a lot of doors for me!”
Noodles – “Always ask for a good cheese and biscuits in the dressing room”
Annie Grace – “You need to have a big mirror, that’s really important”
Holly Belle – “And lots of hair spray”

5. What was the best event(s) you worked on for Contraband?
Tommy – “We loved entertaining the girls recently and are very keen to get the fingers snapping of more Contraband clients!”

6. What have been your best & worst experiences working as a performer?
Tommy – “The best has to be seeing people shakin’ their hips and shuffling their feet to our music, but if I see even one person not diggin’ our grooves it really gets me down.”
Woody – “I like the inflight movies but not the meals”
The Flying Greek – “If you fly with me I give you great kebabs but no movie”
Noodles – “Why is the cheese on inflight meals so rubbish!!?”
Bam Bam – “Will you give it a rest about your stupid cheese, it always stinkin’ out the dressing room!!”

7. Where do you get your inspiration from for your act – new tricks, etc?
Tommy – “It usually comes from the bottom of Granny’s tea cup. She has an amazing talent at reading tealeaves. All of our ideas come from Granny’s teacups and she hasn’t been wrong yet!!!”
Annie Grace – “I love your mums tea, she does a lovely sponge too”
Mr Tees – “Have you tried my Bakewell Tart, I’ll give you the recipe if you want”

8. What other entertainer(s) do you most admire & why?
Tommy – “Way too many to mention but basically if it’s got a good beat, a great riff and a catchy tune then we dig it!!”
Noodles – “You can’t beat a bit of Richard Clayderman”
Mr Tees – “Are you serious!!?”
Noodles – “What?”
Holly Belle – “Ignore him he’s been on the stinkin bishop again”
Woody – “Mr Tees listens to Chris De Burgh all the time”
Mr Tees – “WOODY!!”
Woody – “Joe Leader, that’s all I’m saying”
Annie Grace – “I always really liked Rod Hull and Emu”

9. How do you fit your work around your lifestyle (family, social life, other work), do you think it differs from other jobs and if so how?
Tommy – “I love spending time with my family, I’m always building crazy contraptions for my kids to play with and inventing new gadgets for the house, not always to great success!! Being away from home can be tough but it makes coming home so much better. But when I’m away gigging I have my other family, The Belles and the Tones”
The Flying Greek – “I feel a bit sick”
Bam Bam – “Friends?”
Holly Belle – “Well if you weren’t such a grumpy git”
Annie Grace – “I really miss my puppies when I’m away”

10. If you could change one thing about working in the events industry, what would it be and why?
Tommy – “Not much really, I can’t think of a better than making people dance and have a good time”.
Noodles – “More cheese”
Bam Bam – “If you mention cheese one more time, I’m gonna….”
Holly Belle – “Bam Bam, leave it!!”

11. What are your plans for the future?
Tommy – “I’ve got loads of amazing ideas in the pipeline such as a Baby Stroller and Scooter Hybrid, a Baby Mop, Sleeping Bag with Arms and Legs and a Duck-Billed Protective Muzzle For Dogs… oh you mean for the band!! Well loads of gigs and to get everyone in the world dancing to Tommy & The Belles of course!!”
Mr Tees – “Never ask Tommy to make you anything!! Remember the microphone come hairspray dispenser for stage”
Holly Belle – “Yep Annie couldn’t speak for a week!!”
The Flying Greek – “Yeah best thing he’s ever made!!”

12. How do you feel about working internationally?
Tommy – “Hey, we’ll play anywhere, as long as the people are nice and want to have a good time”.
Noodles – “Has anyone seen Mike”
Bam Bam – “He found a cardboard box, so he’s gone for a sleep”

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A truly original sound

Really know how to put on a show

Will keep your guests entertained

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Here’s what Tommy & The Belles’s clients said:

Thanks so much again for Thursday night. You were all fantastic! I hope to be able to book you again and again. Best wishes from me and all at Siemens!
Siemens Hearing Instruments (UK) Ltd

Can you please thanks the band for us – they were fantastic!!!! They really made the night. And even put up with my stressing – very professional. We will definitely use them and you again. Wonderful! Thanks again.

I’m not sure I can fully do justice to the positive feedback we received for Tommy and the Tones, but the comments ranged from ‘I wish I’d known about them before my wedding’ to ‘best band EVER’ to ‘well done guys – but you’re never going to top this!’ From our side we were thrilled with the band and they really put on an amazing show!
Coller Capital


Tommy & The Belles’s Set List:

The Way You Make Me Feel
Let’s Go Crazy
Love Really Hurts
Pack Up Your Troubles
Forget You
Hit The Road Jack
Chicken Payback
Pump It Up
The Night
Love Machine
King of the Swingers
It’s All Over Now
I Bet You Look Good On The Dance Floor
The Snake
Memphis Soul Stew
Proud Mary
Ain’t Go No
Turnin My Heart Beat Up
The Clapping Song
I Kissed A Girl
Mama Do The Hump
Take On Me
Are You Gonna Be My Girl
Tainted Love
Wake Me Up

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