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The brilliant Tom London can perform at your event! As a booking agent for Tom London, we can arrange for him to entertain your guests. For the last five years, Tom London has toured the world performing his acts for four presidents, hundreds of celebrities and has appeared on television in front of over 20 million people. His performances online have amassed over 40 million views, and at just 25 he has performed in over 25 countries on behalf of brands such as Microsoft, HP, Snapchat and Instagram.

Tom started magic when he was just 18 years of age, but soon built a name for himself as the magician of the future, performing a stage show that has never before been attempted by his peers in the prestigious Magic Circle.

He has given after dinner speeches on behalf of many industries leading tech companies, explaining his approach to creative storytelling and hacktivism, showing the magic that lies within technology.

Tom London’s passion lies in creating experiences for brands that have never been seen by audiences. Tom believes that magic should be experienced in the moment and not online, and it is for this reason that his simply must be seen live to be believed.

Stage Show

Inde Magica is Tom’s 40-minute stage performance. It consists of three acts, each exploring a different technological advancement. Tom begins his show by taking guests back in time to the roots of the playing card. He progresses into his first act where he teaches an AI to read guests’ minds live on stage. Eventually, the AI learns to predict the future correctly.

Live Hack

Tom performs a trick called Live Hack, which enables him to merge every audience member into a live light show using their smartphone. Allowing him to pick audience members to come on stage and carry out live, real-time interaction. Where a magician may ask for random information, perhaps audience members’ favourite city, Tom will instead get everyone in the audience to enter in their choice on their phones. This is then displayed in real-time on the screen behind him so that every audience member is included in the performance. He can customise the questions and answers for each client.

His second act is built around virtual and augmented reality. Using Google Glass and VR to immerse guests into an augmented environment showing the audience how easy it is to manipulate, control and brainwash in this multistage prediction.

His third act explores flight, the beauty behind sleight of hand and how it shares its illusion with the magic of flight. He commands an army of autonomous drones which aid him in performing a technological marvel in the air.

Finally Tom closes with his two America’s Got Talent performances. However, he performs these with a twist on the original.

Bespoke Magic

Tom London offers a full range of options, whether you want to incorporate your product, services, app or website into his performance. Tom has worked with brands such as Disney, Microsoft, Candy Crush and more to create never before seen illusions using various technologies.

Close-Up Performance

Tom can perform mix and mingle tech magic at your event during a drinks reception. This allows for a more intimate performance with your guests. Tom London performs magic with cards as a method of explaining the roots of magic performance. He then progresses into technology by using your attendee’s smart devices in his routines. His routine shows people the technology of the human mind and body and how magicians are able to reprogram it.

Tom London also performs Snapchat magic – recording his entire performance with his snapchat glasses to deliver a unique post-event experience.

Contraband is the UK’s top booking agent, with attentive, experienced account managers who guarantee you the best deal possible. Contact us today if you would like to book Tom London to be the headline of your event! We as your booking agent are more than happy to help you create the most memorable moments with Tom London.

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Here’s what Tom London Digital Magician’s clients said:

‘Seriously, though, how did he do that?’
Huffington Post

‘Officially blown our minds.’

‘Everyone is shocked.’
International Business Times

‘Mind Blowing.’
US Today

‘I’m speechless. I’m so amazed… it was just mind-blowing.’
Mel B

‘I really loved what you just did.’
Heidi Klum

‘You’re amazing.’
Howie Mandel

‘You’ve taken something which is perceived sometimes as old-fashioned into something that’s really current and probably ahead of its time right now. This is one of the best acts we’ve seen today.’
Simon Cowell

‘Tom, that was incredible.’
Cara Delevingne

‘You’re insane. You do what I’ve always wanted to be able to do, honestly mate.’
Liam Payne

‘Okay wow, you’re amazing, and not at all cheesy just amazing.’
Mark Ronson

‘Tom was the most consummate professional yesterday; they loved him. And it was so unique using digital devices. Always on time. Always great mood. Always engaging the audiences regardless of venue. Thank you for helping make this happen, help us promote our movie Now You See Me 2, and having a lot of fun.’
Lionsgate VP

‘Thanks again for all of your hard work and skill for helping to make our event a success. I know both the executive team at Microsoft were extremely impressed.’
Microsoft Director UK

‘Tom was the life and soul of the party at our Annual Conference. Next morning everyone was talking about it. His confident, clever and charming performance is one of the best I have ever come across.’
Barracuda CEO


Tom London Digital Magician’s previous clients:

Goldman Sachs
Chelsea FC
Champions League

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