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Comedy Street Act: The Potted Plants – Int.

If the price of freedom is eternal vigilance you can be sure these lads will have their hands deep in their pockets.

Among the very finest exponents of walk-about street theatre, the Pink Policemen have conspicuously and obtrusively contributed to the successes of many community and arts’ festivals over the years. Once seen they are never forgotten. No act gets photographed more as they achieve astonishing success after success with such very practical public functions as controlling the crowds, controlling the traffic, telling the time and giving candid directions to misguided tourists.

Why is the uniform pink? Like all great artistic and cultural shifts whose time has come, it’s aim is to challenge and subvert long held misconceptions and beliefs about the propriety of colours. Blue is for a boy, pink is for a girl!? What is all this nonsense about? Pink is a lovely colour it’s as simple as that (and the public definitely do like their policemen in pink).

The Pink Policemen have been hugely popular and much photographed at major festivals in England, Holland, Germany, the USA and Canada as well as being favourites at numerous small town and civic events.

Standard Length of Performance:

5 hours with breaks


"You guys were just fantastic. We have had such amazing feedback from Volkswagon and their clients - they laughed so much they thought they were gonna have a heart attack."
- Volkswagen

"It's great walkabout theatre. The people love it. The press love it. Pink Policemen?!... it's a great idea!"
- Vancouver International Comedy Festival

"You've been a huge success. People have been coming up to us all the time saying how much they enjoyed what you're doing. You must be worn out posing for all the photographs."
- Grassington Festival

"Our guests adored the Pink Policemen. They were hilarious and such a spectacle (especially when they took to the dance floor!). Highly recommended."
-RSVP London

Previous Clients Include:

The British Council
The Vancouver International Comedy Festival
The Riverside Festival Stamford.
The Finsbury Arts Festival
The Grassington Festival
The Covent Garden Community Festival
Volkswagon new Beetle launch
The Albion Fayres

Photos of The Potted Plants