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Swimmers – Street Theatre & Walkabout Characters Act | UK

The 1920s styled bathers promenade inside their striped bathing huts through the streets, lifting the canvas to engage in dry land drills and life saving with passers by. These athletes of the imagination revive seaside ditties evoking the comic and poetic postcards from a golden age of bathing.

The Swimmers are celebrated cross channel swimmers and long distance swimming champions. They dared defeat their critics who said no woman would ever swim the channel. They have swum virtually every river there is to swim, including the glacial Norwegian fjords, attempted various oceans and have represented England at every Olympic Games since Paris 1924.

The swimmers tell their tall tale of the channel swim 1927 and other swimming exploits aided by goose fat, buoyancy aids, and photographic memorabilia, commemorative bunting all produced from the depths of their mobile modesty huts.
Meet these athletes of imagination, their motto for all occasions is keep active stay attractive.

Catch snippets of their epic adventures as they promenade in their stripy huts dispensing tops tips on how to overcome fear when swimming near leopard seals and polar bears, or how use mind power techniques in sub zero temperatures or join these motivational speakers inside a beach hut to hear the full story in its glorious entirety. A gloriously absurd tribute to the golden age of swimming.

Available as a 2 and a 3


"Yes I had a great festival, tired now but it was worth it! The swimmers were amazing, I tried to pop over and have a chat a couple of times but they were always entertaining punters, which is always good!!  Many thanks for all your help. Not only have you all been a credit to Vintage, you were all a fantastic bunch to work with too! Despite the odds at times being against us, Vintage went down a storm in its incarnation as Vintage at Wilderness. And that couldn't have happened without the contribution, hard work, loyalty and talents of all you lovely folk. So a big big thankyou from myself and the team and hope you all had as glorious a time as we did."
- MAMA Group Ltd (via Contraband)

"The Closing Reception and the Customer Appreciation Event (the party) both went really well, and we have a delighted client indeed. The performers at the reception and the party all did a cracking job!.... It's been a pleasure working with you  and the team. Thank you for all your help in providing a wealth of suggestions and working with us to deliver a fantastic event."
- George P Johnson UK Ltd (via Contraband)

"….they went down a treat!"
Kirklees Council (via Contraband)

"...We thought the swimmers were great, perfect for our event....I hope the girls had fun working at the event too…"
Concerto Live (Scotland) Ltd (via Contraband)

Photos of Swimmers