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Snow Globe Experience – Interactive Entertainment | UK

This giant snow globe is a unique attraction available for hire either at Christmas, or to compliment a Winter Wonderland themed event. The snow globe can be used on its own or with a full team of performers including a photographer who can print and frame pictures on site.

The concept has been based on the popular miniature snow globes that many people often had fun shaking around to create the perfect snow fall around the objects inside. Well now we have created a giant version that not only recreates the snow fall but allows you to be part of the scene! Guests enter the Snow Globe via the inflatable entrance. Within our unique giant see-through dome the snow begins to fall and the guests become part of the scene.

Our snow globe can accommodate from 1 up to 8 people at any one time. As part of the attraction our staff will take a 6×9 photo housed within a custom frame of the guests experience inside the globe and then print via our onsite printing equipment so they can take home a piece of the experience.

The package is also available with entertainers such as Santa, elves, fairies, candy cane characters and roller skating Christmas baubles to name just a few.

Characters can be on foot or on stilts – whichever the client desires.

This Snow Globe is a totally unique, interactive and fun concept that is sure to wow guests during the winter season – step inside the Giant Snow Globe and become part of the scenery and be transported to your very own winter wonderland!

Standard Length:  The snow globe can be booked all day or for multiple days.

Photos of Snow Globe Experience