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SL Photos – Bespoke Green Screen System | UK

This is perfect for any corporate event, private party, exhibition, launch night, shopping centre activity, brand activation, children’s events etc. They offer an exciting chance to get photos of yourself printed out on the night with ANY backdrop. This system and totally different from the usual green screen systems because the backgrounds are unique. They can also set up a scene/set surrounding the green screen for an even better experience. Book this green screen system and give your guests a totally bespoke photo to take home.

They use a green screen, which allows their special software to completely replace the background in the photo and super-impose your image into a beach scene, snow scene, magical land, 1940s scene, etc.- literally anything you want!

Their high speed printer will print your image out in 10 seconds for you to take away, and they also have the software to allow you to upload your image on to social media sites. They can also give you your print out in branded photo frames. This really creates a memorable and fun experience of the event, and is a great way to have a keep-sake for your mantle-piece.

Our staff are happy to dress in costume if appropriate!

Technical Specification:

They will need two plugs sockets – one for the printer and one for the laptop.

Standard Length of Performance:

The standard length of hire is usually 6 hours.


“Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful event, it couldn’t have gone better. Everyone loved the green screen activity, it really made the event special and memorable!”
- Shepherd Neame

“Great team who pull a fantastic campaign together. Families queued up for a long time to get their photos taken, and loved the results!”
- Saban Brands

Previous Clients Include:

Shepherd Neame Brewery
Activision Skylanders
Saban Brands Power Rangers
Sony Pictures Hotel Transylvania
Universal Pictures Despicable Me 1 & 2
Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
2K Games NBA
Mars Galaxy Ripple

Photos of SL Photos