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Professional Dance Mats – Competitive Game | UK

Professional Dance Mats

These professional dance mats are great for corporate events and private parties. They are perfect for encouraging your guests to interact with each other. They are top of the range, and will be an asset to your event. If you want to have exciting corporate entertainment at your event, these dance mats are fantastic. They are also good for children’s parties, weddings and family fun days.

There are literally hundreds of tracks to choose from, some are easy and slow for beginners and some are for the professional dance mat users who know their moves. This is a fully manned and operated item.

There are 10 dance mats all dancing to the same tune, you can either have a projector and screen or two large 50″ TV’s depending on the size of the room. We provide a member of staff a projector and screen, 300w sound system a few flashy lights to set the scene.

At the end of each dance track, you will get a list of the top eight best dancers, during the dance track you will see an interactive leader board along the bottom of the bottom of the screen. The system can be used for fun parties and for full workouts by using the workout games. The pictures you see here are from the UEA in Norwich on its first outing. They managed to get through an estimated 1000 students in a 4 hour event.

Technical Specification:

The area required for the full Projector setup is 15m x 7m, with TV’s you need 7m x 7m but the larger the area the better.

Photos of Professional Dance Mats