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Pongo – Walkabout Character | UK

We present Pongo a brand new interactive Walkabout act.

Inquisitive, affectionate, adorable and cheeky; the world’s only eight-foot baby Obobee bird, is loved by adults and children alike for his charming personality and stunning appearance. This playful hatchling is accompanied by eccentric pet shop owner Bill Oddity, an inter-dimentional travelling salesman with a menagerie of the galaxys most extraordinary creatures and a sales technique that is out of this world.
Watch out or you might end up going home with a feathery new friend!

Pongo is a totally unique animatronic creature, fitted with custom built mechanisms and actuators that allow the hidden puppeteer to animate the various features of Pongo, from the subtlest fluttering of his eye lids to magnificent leaps and bounds.

A striking act and a wonderful addition to any event, from a fantasy themed birthday party to a big corporate event. This big baby and his owner will add an extra dimension to all occasions.

Standard Length of Performance: 2 x 45 minute sets or 3 x 30 minute sets.


"They were delightful and absolutely charmed everyone as well as providing huge entertainment. What a splendidly original and well produced idea."
- Cascades Centre

"I loved watching peoples faces light up when they saw you."
- Jersey Arts Centre

"Absolutely beautiful"
- V Festival

"The weekend was fantastic and Pongo was great. Really friendly, happy to meet our needs. Thanks for all your help also."
- Wales Millennium Centre (via Contraband)

Photos of Pongo