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Stilt Walkers: Pompous Maximus & Servillius Wretch

They’re bigger than Ben Hur! Pompous the Roman centurion and Servillius his devious slave turn up after years in the wilderness to check up how the Roman Empire is doing.


"They’re immediate crowd magnets. I have the good fortune to work in an upstairs office at the National Folk Festival and whenever the dynamic duo appeared in the courtyard below there was a general rush of staff to the windows, even those of us who’d already seen the act, because it’s new and different and side-splittingly funny every time. They can gauge an audience and have it seduced in minutes, their intuition is impeccable and they have a sense of timing that most comics would die for. Talk about knowing how to work the room…."
- Australian National Folk Festival

"Thank you so much... ...we were so happy that you could attend the show and I have to tell you that you provided what proved to be the highlight of the show... ...We were so impressed by the professionalism, the fantastic costumes and sheer good fun we had, it really made the weekend. You brought happiness and wetness (Ochie!) to everyone at the show! People were talking about you for the whole exhibition!"
- Macphie of Glenbervie Ltd

"What can I say - you were fantastic. Everyone appreciated the energy and enthusiasm you put into the event. It was exceptional."Dave Newton Managing Director Nova International "Great Runs"
UEFA Champions League Cup Final

"Highly professional, reliable and very flexible"
- Southampton Tall Ships

- Millennium Dome

Previous Locations Performed:

New York
Rio de Janeiro
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Sri Lanka
Hong Kong
Los Angeles

Photos of Pompous Maximus