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Various Walkabout Acts

The Picnic Characters can offer a variety of walkabout acts that move and interact with audiences, appearing and disappearing all over events and creating intimate and hilarious personal experiences for your guests. These acts are perfect for a wide range of events from parties to festivals, product lunches to exhibitions, and weddings to Bar Mitzvas! Acts include giant presents, security guards and a very unique dinner table!

These larger than life walkabout characters can act as ice breakers at events, mingle with and entertain the guests, animate the atmosphere and entertain on the go as they walk around.

Acts Available Include:
The Not So Secret Service “Security Guards”
Christmas party getting out of hand? Uninvited guests or inappropriate behaviour? Don’t worry, the crack team of security specialists will sort everything out: Checking for ID, roping off toilets, escorting VIP’s anywhere the team wish them to go, frisking dodgy people, practicing for security emergencies and creating distractions if you want to “do a crime”. These slightly skewed security guards are an interactive comedy whirlwind, guaranteed to get your event going! Up to 20 “security guards” can be provided.

Walkabout Pressies
Three giant presents, beautifully wrapped, wander around giving small gifts and spreading Christmas cheer to passers-by. The only trouble is that these pressies are a little competitive and often get into skirmishes with each other to prove their worth! Beware – these giant gifts will do anything to get noticed. Quietly sneaking up for a cuddle (or your drink), dispensing unusual gifts, dancing in formation and generally having a wonderfully Christmassy time!

The Dinner Table
A delicious and delectable foodiliscious extravaganza. Ursula Harrington-Carrington-Barrington-Farrington-Larrington shows off her eight seat dinner table and takes you on a crash course in decent dining and eating etiquette. A beautiful and completely unique full size dinner table, full dining service, 8 antique chairs, and, a working chandelier on wheels! The show is full of food, fun, dancing, hilarity, confetti and Champagne! A perfect show to get everybody in the mood for a party!

Standard Length of Performance: 3 x 45 minutes sets

Technical Requirements:

– The table is about as wide as a car and therefore needs double doors to enter through if it is being performed indoors. At the end of the show the performers spray Champagne, if the client would prefer though they can end the show with confetti cannons.
– They usually use their van as a dressing room so no need for another space if they are near to the performance site.
– Site access for the van to unload the table and build it.
– Somewhere to park the table (when built and in between shows) where it is out of sight and can be looked after by a steward or where it can be seen.
– The performer has to get in the table, before it goes out, without being seen and be cleaned up afterwards.
– Access to a plug to charge our batteries if needed.
– Access to the van after the last show so the table can be packed away.

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Create an intimate and hilarious experience for your guests

Include a variety of unique acts

They entertain on the go as they walk around

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Here’s what The Picnic Characters’ clients said:

I am currently working on three things that really sum up the festival’s unique sense of fun. My number one is something that is being created especially for the festival individuated by the moving masters of absurdity, The Picnic Characters!
Henley Festival

Essentially, they’ve grasped the core requirements of street theatre and have executed those requirements with panache: an interesting set-up (in this case, the walkabout section of the piece); eye-catching set that creates an instant picture of the essence of the show; carefully controlled yet seemingly effortless interaction with the crowd; a sharp 20 minute static show that is witty, surreal, sometimes a little risqué and always very funny.
Total Theatre Magazine

You have made my festival, that was brilliant!
KP Events


The Picnic Characters’ Previous Clients:

The British Council
One Magic Summer Festival
Fira Tarrega
Henley Festival
Glastonbury Festival
Winchester City Council
Hampshire County Council
Brighton Festival
Far du Pays de Morlaix
KP Events

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