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Osman is an Arabic calligraphy artist who has pursued his passion and ability in fine art. Dedicated to studying the traditional script of the Arabian Peninsula, he has been striving to keep the art of calligraphy alive. Be it a corporate event or a private party, Osman will leave your guests amazed with his Calligraphic talent.

All his pieces are handwritten, using traditional tools such as dip pens, brushes and quills, all dipped in a variety of inks. All of which he will be able to showcase to a live audience to define a unique experience.

His extensive range of scripts can be used for both large and small jobs alike, from custom handwritten place cards, invitations, envelope addressing to poems, decorative borders or company logos.

Perfect for gifts at corporate events, table settings with a difference or product launches, he will bring an iconic and elegant art form to your occasion, leaving a unique and lasting impression.

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An artist striving to keep an elegant artform alive

All pieces are handwritten using traditional tools

Leaves a lasting impression with a unique touch

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Here is what Osman – Arabic Calligraphy Artist’s clients said:

“Excellent service!!! I was impressed by Osman’s attention to detail and the enthusiasm with which he did the work. A VERY talented man! – I definitely got more than what I paid for!”

Private Client

“As soon as I stepped into the room it caught my eye with simple but effective colours standing out on the pain white wall. The writing was clear and crisp, no smudges. The choice of colours was fantastic. I especially liked it as it wasn’t too colourful and fancy. The date was clever and looked quite good. Overall I loved it, I have no complaints about the canvas. I would definitely recommend to everyone to order from Osman. On top of all I had free delivery and it was fully tracked and I could see when and exactly the time the courier received it. Overall 10 out of 10. Five stars very satisfied”

Private Client


Osman – Arabic Calligraphy Artist’s Previous Clients:

Dubai Tourism (multiple events)

Videos of Osman – Arabic Calligraphy Artist

Book Osman – Arabic Calligraphy Artist

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