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Mr Ball’s Parlour Games – Team Building | UK

Mr Ball’s

Roll up for an enchanting evening of parlour games hosted by the eccentric and humorous Mr Ball, a real life Victorian games master and his dutiful assistant. Hurrah! This event is great fun after dinner or a jolly good ice-breaker at a drinks reception. It can even thrive as a standalone team building activity.

Guests are divided into teams and compete against each other at games such as Giant Pictionary, Speed Charades and Articulate.

Each game lasts for 20 minutes, before teams rotate to play a different team at a different game.

Parlour games are a fantastic way to find out more about your fellow players with varying skills and humour coming to the forefront as soon as the whistle blows. Also, because teams rotate around the room, this allows each guest to meet and play against every other guest.

The event can be run as a fun, non-competitive series of games, or with a point system, a triumphant winning team and an appropriately elaborate trophy.


Top Recommendation in Time Out’s Alternative Night’s Out…“Making parlour games cool once more, you’ll find charades, Pictionary, Articulate and more in the back room of this pub every month, creating a laidback social in which to meet new people.”
– Time Out

“Mr Ball’s Parlour Games, a night of games like Charades, The Hat Game, Pictionary and other parlour game fun, run by the mythical (or at least historical) Mr Ball. Teams of players rotate through different opponents and games through the night, so by the end you’ve had a chance to play practically everything, and meet pretty much everyone.”

“Had a great time at Games Night, thanks for organising. Great choice of games. I’m one of the new faces btw (I’m thinking of bringing more people along next time if that’s ok).”
– Private Client

“Thank you very much Mr Balls, I love the concept – you could do this in tonnes of venues because what you’re doing is ace! I look forward to coming along again and playing more imaginative games and hanging out with new peeps!!!”
– Private Client

“We are delighted to have hosted Mr Ball’s on several occasions and are delighted at the number of people who have been attending. It has brought an extra dimension to the appeal of the venue and led to an increase in custom each night it has been held. Customer feedback has been fantastic.”
– Duke Of Wellington Pub

“I love organised fun, so this was a perfect evening! It was a great way to meet people and learn something about them instantly. And Mr Ball was hilarious – a true Victorian ringmaster!”
– Private Client

“Mr Balls is funny, his assistant was ultra-organised and helpful, and everyone had LOADS of fun. The games were so well chosen, perfect for the group, and we were all in stitches. Thank you so much for arranging this for us.”
– Accenture (via Contraband)

“Mr Ball’s was great, I’ve not seen all that many people this morning for much feedback, however they all seemed to be having a great time last night. I’m only gutted we didn’t win – I think we were robbed!”
– Nationwide Platforms (via Contraband)

Photos of Mr Ball's