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Mexican: Juan Two Beato Burrito | UK

Hey Amigo! Want something a little unique? Want to turn your event into a fiesta of fun? Then it’s time to book…the Juan Two!! Bringing you the sizzling sounds of Mexico, Juan Two are a costumed trumpet duo who guarantee to have you tapping your toes, shaking your maracas and yelling “Tequila!”

Swaying to a backing track we perform your favourite tunes — both Mexican and from artists such as Abba, Elton John and the Beatles — all to a Mexican beat, to get you all singing along and doing the Sombrero stomp! Hotter than a jalapeno, these two have lit up corporate receptions, weddings, sporting occasions, product launches, bars, restaurants, university events and theme nights…book Juan Two now and start your own Mexican Wave!!

Photos of Juan Two