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Meddling Outlandish Stilt Characters | UK

Quirky and colourful, weird and wonderful walkabout characters. Meddling Characters are an experienced team of highly interactive performers who can bring their bizarre brand of professional mayhem to your event. Some of the characters are performed on bouncy stilts and four legged stilts. Costumes from their wardrobe of wonders are avilable for all types of event!

Costumes Available Include:

Venus Fly Trap and Bouncing Fly
The Mad Princess and Her Pet Dragon
Giant Raggy Dolls
Edwardian Lady and Her Husband Dr Fish
Beekeeper and Bouncing Bee
Peter Pan and Captain Hook
Halloween Themed Costumes
Olympic Rings

Standard Length of Performance:

The performers can perform 3 x 30 to 45 minutes sets.


"The event was a huge success and our stilt walking Mermaid from Contraband went down well with crowds."
- Batley & Dewsbury Towns’ Management

"The event was really hard work but lots of fun and we had lots of happy customers too!!...Rosie (the toy soldier stilt walker) was absolutely fab too, she was also great with the kids and entertained our customers, very sweet girl..."
John Lewis (via Contraband)

Previous Clients Include:

Exit Festival
Glastonbury Festival
Ministry of Sound
Cadillac Car Launch
Hard Rock Cafe
Vimto promotions
Godskitchen Arena Tours
Gatecrasher Events

All their artists are fully insured professionals and members of Equity.

Photos of Meddling Outlandish Stilt Characters